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The body is a complicated machine. A single human body regularly consists of 7 trillion nerves, 11 organ systems, 206 bones, and 32.7 trillion cells altogether. A substantial amount of research has led the human race to a completely different understanding of life itself. It has resulted in scientific breakthroughs and increased knowledge of the world around us.

There is absolutely no way we stop there. Life constantly evolves. Humans evolve. Our understanding, knowledge, and curiosity absolutely need to evolve in tandem.

Reactor Magazine uses facts, science, and proven studies to reach our mental and physical peak. The world has advanced as a result of competition and everyone strives to be better.
We take it a step further. Our knowledge base covers scientific studies, biohacking strategies, and ongoing developments in real-time so you can use it to get ahead.

We’re forging a time of health and efficiency. Innovation and invention have introduced positives into our daily lives, but it has also led to many complications–that includes what’s in our food, how our dependence on electronic devices has affected our health, etc. Reactor will steer you clear of nonsense that isn’t actively enriching your daily routine.

A Reactor contains. It initiates, controls, and distributes energy to those who need the power to get the job done. Our magazine parallels that ideology when it comes to scientific-based journalism.

Our Mission

Educate the masses on what the world has in store for us. Using factually supported practices and proven facts, we are ushering in a new age of production, mental efficiency, and mental aptitude. Those driven to improve themselves will listen.

Our staff and readers are cut from the same cloth. We pride ourselves on using proven theories to make ourselves and our lives better. We have an insatiable curiosity that is impossible to quell. While we remain outside of the laboratories and test sites, we’ll be the first to analyze the data and theorize what’s next.

This world is a vast, largely undiscovered mass that operates on its own accord. It continues to expand and transform regardless of outside factors. We have to mirror the sentiment, seeing every day as a new opportunity to be greater than the last. We stand by the facts. We carve our own paths because let’s face it, science isn’t just for scientists anymore.


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