Knives Out

10 Great Movies to Watch Right Now


Titanic would be my choice if the world ended and there was only one movie I could save. It’s true. The most beautiful love story ever told stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet and takes place during one the most catastrophic disasters of all time.

Parasite (English Subtitled)

The four children of a family are all out of work and cannot pay rent. They devise a plan: lie and cheat to obtain jobs with the same wealthy family. This 2019 Academy Award winner for Best Picture is a must-see for all.

The Sixth Sense

Haley Joel Osment portrays Cole, a young boy struggling with his supernatural abilities. Cole meets Malcolm, a child psychologist and learns how to communicate better with the dead. The unexpected twist that happens is something you could not have predicted.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Charlie finally finds his place in the world when he joins a group of theatre kids at his high school. Can he overcome the trauma of his past and find acceptance?

Fruitvale Station

This powerful film, based on a true story shows Oscar Grant’s life prior to his death by police officers. Grant’s personality is brought to life by Michael B. Jordan.

The Parent Trap

This movie is adorable. Hallie, Annie and their friends discover they are twins at summer camp. They decide to swap places to try to bring their parents back together. Lindsay Lohan plays both of these girls. Bonus!

Knives out

After their father’s murder, a detective arrives to help them prove their innocence.

The Boy In The Striped Pajamas

The son of a Nazi general becomes friends with the boy next to him, who lives on a “farm” and wears striped pajamas in the middle of terrible war. Their innocent friendship will warm your heart and make you smile – the ending will break it in two.


Bridesmaids is one of the most popular chick flicks ever – I won’t be answering any questions. This hilarious comedy troupe will make you laugh so hard that you’ll cry.

The Invitation

An awkward dinner party with your ex-wife or her husband is inevitable. It becomes obvious that everyone is in danger when the couple starts sharing stories about their newfound cult.