Best Flying Monkey Jeans: 5 Top Picks

When it comes to injecting a dose of panache into your wardrobe, Flying Monkey jeans stand out as the cornerstone for any style-savvy entrepreneur. Let’s clear the runway and dive into why these denims are creating a buzz in the fashion stratosphere.

Unraveling the Appeal of Flying Monkey Jeans

Ah, Flying Monkey jeans – the denim darling that’s taken the fashion world by storm. But hold your horses, why are we all raving about these threads? First off, it’s their unwavering commitment to quality that has denim aficionados singing praises. The brand’s mastery in weaving together contemporary designs that hug the body in all the right places is nothing short of artistry. It’s like stumbling upon the Baltimore TV Guide of jeans, guiding you through the complex world of denim with ease and style.

Their design philosophy is all about individuality, much like the unique tunes of Jessica Betts, melding personal expression with modern trends. Moreover, jeans aren’t just whipped up in some dim-lit factory; no, sir! Flying Monkey jeans are crafted with an eye for sustainable practices, much like the green initiatives transforming Olympia Washington. Expect these jeans to not only look good on you but to also have a feel-good factor when it comes to their environmental footprint.

Flying Monkey Women’s High Rise Rigid Straight Leg Jeans with Raw Hems in Famous (, Famous)

Flying Monkey Women's High Rise Rigid Straight Leg Jeans with Raw Hems in Famous (, Famous)


The Flying Monkey Women’s High Rise Rigid Straight Leg Jeans in Famous are a trendy and versatile addition to any wardrobe, reflecting the perfect blend of timeless fashion and modern flair. These jeans boast a classic high-waist design that effortlessly contours and elevates the natural silhouette, while the rigid denim fabric ensures a genuine vintage feel with a contemporary twist. The straight-leg cut offers a flattering look for varied body types, projecting an elegant yet casual style suitable for a multitude of occasions. The raw hems add an edgy finish, making these jeans a statement piece that captures the essence of chic street style.

Crafted for the woman who cherishes both comfort and fashion, the Famous color variant is a stunning medium wash that imparts a well-loved and lived-in aesthetic without compromising on the jeans’ refined appearance. The subtle fading and whiskering details lend an air of authenticity that pairs well with a diverse array of topsfrom crop tops for a youthful vibe to billowy blouses for added sophistication. Durability is a cornerstone of the Flying Monkey brand, meaning these jeans are built to maintain their shape and look through countless wears and washes. The high-quality denim fabric remains breathable, ensuring comfort despite the rigid structure.

These Flying Monkey jeans serve as the ideal blend of practicality and trendiness, providing a fashionable staple for the modern woman. The versatility of the high-rise and straight-leg cut means they can be effortlessly dressed up with heels and a blazer for a night out or dressed down with sneakers and a graphic tee for everyday activities. The raw hems give fashion-forward consumers the opportunity to showcase their favorite footwear, from boots to ballet flats. Whether you’re heading to the office or out for a weekend brunch, these jeans are destined to become a go-to in any fashion-savvy individual’s closet.

The Evolution of Flying Monkey Jeans Styles

From the traditional bootcuts to sky-scraping skinnies, Flying Monkey jeans have evolved faster than binge-watchers have gobbled up Virgin River Season 5. Let’s track this catwalk of evolution:

  • Time-Honored to Trendy: The classic vintage styles have been revamped with modern twists, ensuring you’re flying high on trend while staying grounded in tradition.
  • Technological Tailoring: With innovation sewn into their DNA, these jeans integrate state-of-the-art fabric technology — it’s the comfort that fits your hustle like a second skin.
  • Sustainable and Stylish: As we mentioned earlier, Flying Monkey isn’t just about the look; it’s about looking out for Mother Earth, too.
  • Image 14909

    Feature Details
    Brand Flying Monkey
    Launched 2004
    Parent Company Plastic by GLY
    Aim Catering exclusively to retailers with a focus on unique and contemporary designs.
    Design Focus Enhancing the beauty of the body and providing a stylish identity through individuality.
    Sizing Advice Customers are advised to size down 1 size from their true odd size for a better fit.
    Sister Brand VERVET
    Market Premium denim aimed at wholesale market transitioning into retail.
    Unique Selling Proposition (USP) High-quality, phenomenal fitting jeans with contemporary styles that stand out in the denim market.
    Product Variety Offers a range of fits such as skinny, straight leg, bootcut, flare, and more, in various washes and distressed options.
    Price Range Mid-range to premium prices depending on style and design detail, often competitive within the premium denim market.
    Benefits for Consumers The jeans are designed to flatter different body types while providing a fashion-forward look. Versatility in styles allows consumers to express their individuality with comfort and confidence.
    Popularity Growing reputation for comfort, fit, and design quality in the fashion industry.
    Distribution Available through various retailers and online shopping platforms.
    Customer Base Targeted towards a fashion-conscious demographic looking for premium, stylish denim options.

    How We Selected Our Top Flying Monkey Jeans Picks

    Choosing the creme de la creme of Flying Monkey jeans was no easy feat. It was a mix of scouring through customer reviews as voraciously as readers flick through damp lips in twisted romance novels, and personally testing the resilience of these jeans. We’ve considered:

    • Aesthetic Allure: Is it turning heads or merely blending in?
    • Comfort is King: Can you chase your dreams in these jeans without feeling the cinch?
    • Durability Driven: Will they stand the test of time, or unravel at the first hurdle?
    • Consumer Candor: What’s the word on the street? (Or in modern lingo: the feed.)
    • #1 The Classic High-Rise Skinny: An Icon Reinvented

      Let’s kick things off with our numero uno, the Classic High-Rise Skinny. They’re like the Gary Vee of denims — classic, undeniably powerful, and they elevate your presence:

      • Timeless Silhouette: Pair them with heels for a power meeting or sneakers for a strategy brainstorm — adaptability at its finest.
      • Fit Precision: Boasting the fabric blend that champions mobility, these jeans understand the grind and match your pace.
      • Consumer Kudos: With praise as loud as fans at a rock concert, it’s no wonder they’re leading the pack.
      • Flying Monkey, High Rise Bootcut Jeans, Medium Blue, F

        Flying Monkey, High Rise Bootcut Jeans, Medium Blue, F


        The Flying Monkey High Rise Bootcut Jeans in a captivating medium blue hue are the perfect blend of vintage style and modern flair. Their premium denim is meticulously crafted to provide both resilience and supreme comfort, making them a staple wardrobe piece. Boasting a figure-flattering high-rise waist and a subtle bootcut leg, these jeans are expertly designed to elongate the legs and accentuate the silhouette. Delicate whiskering and hand-sanded details offer an authentic lived-in look, epitomizing casual elegance.

        Attention to detail is evident in every stitch of these jeans, fitted with classic five-pocket styling and understated hardware for a timeless appeal. The medium blue wash is versatile and easy to pair with a vast array of colors and textures, making these jeans an ideal base for any outfit, whether youre aiming for casual chic or sophisticated charm. The stretch-infused fabric ensures a snug yet comfortable fit that moves with you, making these jeans a go-to choice for day-long wear. These Flying Monkey jeans are as functional and practical as they are stylishly on-trend.

        Flying Monkey’s commitment to sustainability is mirrored in the High Rise Bootcut Jeans’ conscientious construction, with careful attention paid to reducing environmental impact. These jeans are designed to withstand the test of time, both in durability and style, ensuring they remain a beloved piece in your collection for years to come. The medium blue shade is finished with a soft rinse, ensuring the color retains its depth and richness through multiple washes. Step into a pair of Flying Monkey High Rise Bootcut Jeans and experience a seamless combination of fashion-forward design and eco-conscious production.

        #2 The Boyfriend Cut: Casual Perfection in Denim

        Second on the list is the embodiment of cool — the Boyfriend Cut. It’s casual Friday wrapped in denim:

        • Effortlessly Chic: Throw on a blazer, and you’ve mastered the art of laid-back luxury.
        • The Comfort Factor: It’s the jeans equivalent of a business that runs so smoothly it practically operates itself.
        • Image 14910

          #3 The Distressed Flare: A Nod to Vintage with Modern Flair

          At three, we’re flaring up the past with the Distressed Flare. Giving you the retro vibe with a slice of today:

          • Vintage Vibes: They’re the throwback that’s thrown forward, adding character to your charisma.
          • Cut for All: These jeans are like the inclusive culture in your startup — they celebrate diversity in body shapes.
          • #4 The Ultra-Soft Ankle Grazer: A New Age Staple

            Spot four goes to the touch-me-texture of the Ultra-Soft Ankle Grazer. An ode to comfort without compromising on the chicness:

            • Style for Miles: A testament to why comfort should always be en vogue.
            • Versatile Virtuoso: From the boardroom to the brewery, these denims are your silent partner in success.
            • VERVET by Flying Monkey Dark Blue Stretch Skinny Jeans Whisker Fading Wash (as, Numeric, Numeric_, Regular, Regular, )

              VERVET by Flying Monkey Dark Blue Stretch Skinny Jeans Whisker Fading Wash (as, Numeric, Numeric_, Regular, Regular, )


              Unleash your inner style maven with the VERVET by Flying Monkey Dark Blue Stretch Skinny Jeans, the quintessential wardrobe staple for fashion-forward individuals seeking both comfort and a sleek silhouette. Designed to hug your curves in all the right places, these jeans boast a superior stretch fabric that ensures you can move with ease without sacrificing the figure-flattering fit that defines a great pair of skinnies. The deep, dark blue hue offers immense versatility, making them the perfect choice for both casual brunches and upscale evenings out.

              Never compromise on style with the subtle yet striking whisker fading wash that adds character and depth to the denim. This unique feature presents a slightly lived-in look that enhances the jeans’ overall aesthetic, adding an effortless edge to your ensemble. Precision stitching along with timeless five-pocket styling unites both fashion and function, ensuring these are not just jeans but a statement piece in your wardrobe.

              Experience the blend of fashion innovation and classic appeal with the VERVET by Flying Monkey Jeans, tailored for those with an appreciation for detail and a passion for quality. The regular waist fit ensures a comfortable and secure fit, while the regular length makes them an ideal match for anything from ankle boots to sneakers or stilettos. Transform your denim game with these versatile, exquisite jeans that are sure to become a beloved element of your everyday style arsenal.

              #5 The Embellished Straight-Leg: Denim with a Statement

              Last but not least, the Embellished Straight-Leg jeans. It’s the power move in your style strategy:

              • Dare to Dazzle: With details that dance in the light, these jeans aren’t just a choice, they’re a statement.
              • Balance of Extravagance: For times when your ambitions require the outfit to match.
              • Image 14911

                Navigating the Sizing and Fit of Flying Monkey Jeans

                Sizing, the conundrum that can leave you scratching your head like a complex business plan. But fret not; here’s the deal with Flying Monkey jeans:

                • Size Down for the Win: If you’re a true odd size, go one size down for that sweet spot fit that feels custom made.
                • Expert Endorsements: Like seeking counsel from a mentor, fit specialists swear by this simple hack.
                • Styling Your Flying Monkey Jeans

                  Roll up those sleeves and let’s get creative. Flying Monkey jeans are your canvas, and you’re the artist:

                  • Mix and Match: Like diversifying your portfolio, change up your looks for different scenarios.
                  • Inspiration Galore: Tap into the experts, much like networking in your industry, to elevate your jeans game.
                  • The Impact of Flying Monkey Jeans on Denim Trends

                    Like a startup disrupting the market, Flying Monkey jeans have tilted the trend axis:

                    • The Trendsetter: They’ve done more than follow trends; they’ve been the compass that points towards what’s next.
                    • Future Forecasting: Like any good business strategy, knowing where the market is headed matters, and Flying Monkey is leading the charge.
                    • Caring for Your Flying Monkey Jeans: Tips and Tricks

                      Invest in your jeans like you invest in your growth. Here’s how to keep them top-notch:

                      • Regular Care: Treat your jeans with TLC, and they’ll back you up like your loyal team.
                      • Maintenance 101: Simple steps can extend their lifespan, much like nurturing a client relationship.
                      • Conclusion: Defining Denim Excellence with Flying Monkey Jeans

                        In wrapping up, Flying Monkey jeans are not just a garment; they’re a testament to innovation, sustainability, and style. They’re the rally cry for denim enthusiasts, paving the path for the fashion future.

                        The next time you slip into a pair of these exquisite denims, remember: You’re not just wearing jeans. You’re donning a statement of sartorial smarts, much like an entrepreneur that’s dressed for success in every aspect of their life.

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                        Flying Monkey Mid Rise Distressed Hem Ankle Bootcut Jean F

                        Flying Monkey   Mid Rise Distressed Hem Ankle Bootcut Jean   F


                        The Flying Monkey Mid Rise Distressed Hem Ankle Bootcut Jean is the epitome of contemporary style with a touch of vintage flair. Sporting a comfortable mid-rise waist, these jeans are designed to sit just right on your hips, ensuring a flattering fit that accentuates your natural curves. The ankle bootcut silhouette offers a subtle flare to accommodate your favorite boots or statement shoes, giving your outfit an edge that’s perfect for day-to-night transitions.

                        Crafted with a flexible stretch denim fabric, these jeans provide the perfect balance of comfort and resilience, allowing you to move freely without sacrificing the jean’s shape. The distressing details throughout the jeans are carefully curated to add an effortlessly cool lived-in look, while the frayed hem at the ankles introduces an additional element of laid-back sophistication. This purposeful design ensures each pair radiates a one-of-a-kind character, mirroring the unique style of its wearer.

                        Functionality meets fashion in these Flying Monkey jeans, with classic five-pocket styling that offers practicality for your essential carry-alongs. Their versatile wash is easy to match with a variety of top choices, whether it’s a casual tee for a day out or a more formal blouse for evening events. Perfect for the fashion-forward individual, these jeans will quickly become a cherished component of your wardrobe, bringing a touch of modern chic to any ensemble.

                        Who owns Flying Monkey jeans?

                        Well, if you’re going nuts trying to figure out who’s behind those chic Flying Monkey jeans, here’s the skinny: they’re owned by the denim-focused fashion company Plastic by GLY, based out of L.A. It’s all about keeping that style fresh and distinctly American.

                        Do Flying Monkey jeans run big or small women’s?

                        Now, about the fit—Flying Monkey jeans tend to be true to their size chart. But hey, we’ve all been there, thinking we’ve nailed the size only to find it’s a bit snug. So, for all you ladies wondering, they generally run true to size or maybe a smidge small for some. When in doubt, size up!

                        What size is a 32 in Flying Monkey?

                        Got a pair of 32s in your sights? In the Flying Monkey world, that’s typically a size 12. Remember, their sizing is like a mood ring—supposed to match you just right.

                        Is Vervet and Flying Monkey the same company?

                        Hold up, let’s clear the air: Vervet and Flying Monkey may be siblings in the denim family, but they ain’t twins! They’re both offspring of the same parent company, Plastic by GLY, but each has its unique vibe.

                        Is Flying Monkey a good brand?

                        So, are Flying Monkey jeans the bee’s knees? Well, they’ve got a solid fan base that swears by their quality and fit. Like any good jean, they’re not just about looking good—they’ve gotta last through thick and thin, too.

                        Where are flying monkey jeans made?

                        On to the origin story: Flying Monkey jeans are designed in the U.S. of A. but they’re crafted overseas. You could say they’re citizens of the world, born from global expertise.

                        How does flying monkey jeans fit?

                        Alright, let’s talk turkey about how Flying Monkey jeans fit. They’re known to hug your curves in all the right places. If you’ve got it, flaunt it, right? But seriously, they’ve got a rep for a flattering fit and staying put without being a tight squeeze.

                        How to choose jeans for big belly?

                        Choosing jeans for a big belly? That’s a puzzle, for sure. My tip: go for mid-rise or high-rise jeans with some stretch. You want ’em to fit snugly but not like a vise!

                        Is size 28 jeans medium or large?

                        Is size 28 jeans in the medium or large debate? In most brands, it’s smack dab in the middle—more like a small to medium. Label sizes can be tricky devils, though.

                        What size is a 28 in flying monkey?

                        If you’re eyeing those size 28 Flying Monkey jeans, they usually convert to about a size 6. Simple as that!

                        Is 32 medium or small?

                        Now, about size 32—ain’t nothing medium or small about it. It’s a solid medium in the baggy world of denim sizes.

                        What size is 32 small or medium?

                        Need the scoop on Vervet jeans and their stretchy ways? Well, word on the street is they’ve got just enough give to make you feel like you’re wearing your favorite yoga pants. Snug but forgiving!

                        Do vervet jeans stretch out?

                        If you’re decoding Vervet’s size 30, think of it as roughly a size 10 in the mysterious language of jeans sizing.

                        What size is a 30 in vervet jeans?

                        And if you’re wondering whether Vervet jeans stretch with wear, yeah, they’ve got some give. But don’t expect to do acrobatics in ’em—there’s stretch, and then there’s wishing for miracles.

                        Do vervet jeans stretch?

                        Curious about the mastermind behind Flying Monkey? That’d be the design team at Plastic by GLY, innovators with denim in their DNA.

                        Who created flying monkey?

                        Flying Monkeys Brewery? Oh, that’s a whole different barrel of beer! That’s a separate hoppy venture owned by Peter Chiodo, brewing up magic in Ontario, Canada.

                        Who owns Flying Monkeys brewery?

                        Jumping back to Flying Monkey jeans fit—let’s not beat around the bush. They’re crafted to flaunt what you’ve got and smooth out the rest. Talking curve-friendly denim here!

                        How does flying monkey jeans fit?

                        Dealing with flying monkeys, as in those pesky minions from the Land of Oz or metaphorical troublemakers? Remember, it’s all about standing your ground and not getting swept up in the drama. Keep your head cool and your wits sharper than a monkey’s fangs!

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