Dressed in Formal Outfit

Foolproof Outfits for Every Man to Look Like He’s Not Trying

Every man wants to look good every day, but sometimes, you need to look like you’re not trying. If you’re going to fool others into thinking that you have style, there are some simple yet fashionable go-to outfits that you can always wear.

Whether it’s casual for your everyday life or you’d prefer something that looks formal but still makes you look like you didn’t put much thought to it, here are the top seven foolproof outfits that every man can go for.

Grey Suit

Outfit 1: Two-Piece Grey Suit

Every man needs a great suit that they can rely on. Even if you don’t have an office job where you need a suit every day, you still need one good-looking and quality suit to wear at weddings, interviews, dates, and any other event where you want to impress.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars before purchasing a good-looking suit. You can find decent suits under a thousand dollars if you shop smartly. You can wear your two-piece grey suit for any dressing occasion, and if you’re going for a fancy event, you can pair it with accessories like your tie, cuffs, lapel, and others.

If you want to make your suit casual, you can wear it with a simple t-shirt that matches the grey color.

Outfit 2: A Button Up and Trousers

If you’re looking for an easy outfit to fool others into thinking you’ve got great style, you can’t go wrong with a button-up shirt and trousers. Wear a great-looking pair of trousers with a classic linen button-up or a short-sleeved cotton shirt. This outfit pairing is perfect whether you’re going to a summer party or a casual get-together.

A button-up shirt with trousers is a modern outfit that any guy will look great. It’s easy to put together and wear. You can also go for something new by going for a colorful shirt or pant trousers rather than something plain or black. Regardless of what you’re trying out, you should ensure that you wear it with confidence, as that’s the only way to pull it off. 

Outfit 3: Turtleneck and Trousers

A turtleneck and trousers are one simple way to look classy, posh, and attractive, especially in the winter months. This outfit is versatile, so you can wear it wherever, whether it’s a holiday event, a party, or you’re going to work.

If you’re going for a casual occasion, you can wear your turtleneck with jeans. But for something fancier and dressier, you should wear the turtleneck with dress pants or trousers. You can also wear a blazer with the turtleneck or add a sweater to the outfit. If you don’t want to take risks with your outfit, go for plain colors.

Man Wearing Blue Jeans

Outfit 4: White Tee & Blue Jeans

A simple outfit that any guy can wear is a white t-shirt with blue jeans. White is always a simple color that any guy can pull off regardless of the occasion. Whether you’re going on a date or a casual party, this outfit is a perfect choice.

You can pair the white t-shirt and blue jeans with nice leather, black or pleather jacket. You should wear a pair of tan Chelsea boots, spice up your outfit, and add some style. You can also wear a black hat or sunglasses depending on the occasion.

Outfit 5: A Polo Shirt with Beige Chinos

Combining a polo shirt with beige chinos, whether a pair of pants or shorts. This style pair is a perfect choice for any season, whether fall or summer, and it never fails. This pairing is also easy to put together, and you can always customize it by choosing a particular color with the chinos.

If you’re an adventurous man, you can wear something more colorful like a mint green polo shirt, but you can go for a neutral shirt instead to play safe. Regardless of what you wear, you can’t go wrong with this pairing. You can also go for a brighter pair of shoes with your chinos.

Outfit 6: Leather Jacket with Jeans and a Plain Base

If you’re looking for something more badass and cooler for the winter and fall months, you can’t go wrong with a leather jacket and a classic pair of jeans. A leather jacket is always a classy look regardless of the occasion, and jeans never get old.

You can pair the leather jacket and jeans with a plain t-shirt of your favorite color. Whether it’s a plain black t-shirt for classy wear or a bright pink shirt, there’s nothing that won’t look great with leather. The outfit pairing offers you a rugged and masculine style, and you can wear it day to day or on the weekend.

Outfit 7: Printed Shirt with Dark Denim

A printed shirt is pretty tricky for any guy to pull off, but you can wear it in a foolproof way. Printed shirts are found to be loud and attention-seeking, but you can pair them with dark denim. Make sure that you wear a good pair of dark denim jeans and a biker jacket that will give you a classic rock ‘n’ roll style.

You can go for light denim if you don’t have dark denim instead. It doesn’t have to be light blue denim trousers, but you can go for a stone and off-white denim form instead of your printed shirt. You can match your printed shirt with a suit, chinos, or a knit, although none of these are mutually exclusive.

 Regardless of the occasion, there’s always a simple and foolproof outfit that you can go for. Dressing up does not always have to be difficult, and you don’t always have to ask your partner or girlfriend to help you pick out clothes. Instead, there’ll always be something that works for you and will make you look good where you’re going. So, whenever you wonder what you can wear to look good with little effort, these foolproof outfits will come in handy.