In "Caprisongs," FKA Twigs Adopts a New Sound and Visual Style

In “Caprisongs,” FKA Twigs Adopts a New Sound and Visual Style

FKA Twigs dropped “Caprisongs”, two days after FKA Twigs celebrated her birthday in January. Mixtapes are not as complete as 2019’s MAGDALENE. This is a challenge, though. Caprisongsis an abrupt departure from the moody and emotionally charged ballads that inspired her last album. The 16-track mixtape has a short, sweet and full of Afrobeat-inspired instrumentals. Each song takes on new life and transitions into another frequency.

Caprisongs reveals the sadness that she’s currently feeling and then revels in it. She moves on to happier times. FKA Twigs (born Tahliah Debratt Barnett) is in the middle of a legal battle against her ex-boyfriend Shia LaBeouf. According to The New York Times & TMZ, FKA Twigs sued the actor for “sexual battery. assault. and emotional distress” in 2020. MAGDALENE also addressed the racism she suffered from British media, and from “Twilight’ fans while in a relationship with Robert Pattinson. Caprisongs FKA Twig is FKA Twig’s chance to grow and celebrate during her respective Zodiac season.

For the majority of the songs, she’s been dropping “caprivids” since its release. These are music video snippets that can last anywhere from 1-4 mins. Her videos are multi-toned. Twigs’ “meta angel” video shows her climbing atop a roof to take a bow and shooting another Twigs. This is an indication of the change and growth that has occurred in an older mindset.

The most watched song “tears at the club” receives the longest-running video and gets the biggest budget. It begins with her lying down on the wet floor and being treated by background dancers. After that, she repels them to her will and begins dancing. The Weeknd is next to her. He provides his signature falsetto and tears fall as he watches the figure performing before him. Twigs glides through an underwater pole suspended in a cylindrical container. The video ends with Twigs on her back, clearly demonstrating that she is still working hard to build herself up.

“Thank You Song”, the last track on the mixtape receives the latest caprivid. The video is shot in an empty bus. Only a large mythological guardian angel, accompanying her, can be seen. The song begins with the expression that she once wanted to die. The song develops into gratitude for making through the worst moments of her life. The video ends as she embraces her figure and they begin their journey home.

Despite her videos showing every emotion in the spectrum, her personal lives seem to be improving. While it isn’t confirmed, she appears to be in a healthy marriage with Matt Healy, The 1975’s frontman. In a recent Instagram update, she stated that she will be starring as Rupert Sanders in his remake of 1994’s “The Crow.” If Caprisongs, and its videos, are signs of a brighter future for FKA Twigs then we support it.