Best March Birthstone Gifts and Meanings

March beckons with the promise of spring and, for those born in this transitional month, a duo of dazzling birthstones: Aquamarine and Bloodstone. These gems not only add a splash of color to the final days of winter but also come loaded with history, meaning, and lore, making them exceptional gift choices for our enterprising readers.

Unveiling the Splendor of March Birthstones: Aquamarine and Bloodstone

The march birthstone story is one of contrasting beauty. You’ve got the calm, collected Aquamarine — a serene blue beauty that whispers tales of the ocean’s depths — and the bold, enigmatic Bloodstone, a warrior’s amulet interlaced with flecks of crimson. The Aquamarine, an emblem of clarity, is said to have soothed waves and kept sailors safe. The Bloodstone, in its warrior-like grandeur, is steeped in folklore, often carried into battles for protection and healing. These stones have trotted through time, capturing human imagination across various cultures and historical periods with the latest research validating much of their storied pasts.

Sterling Silver Aquamarine Necklace Oval Blue Pendant Necklace March Birthstone Necklace for Women Handmade Aquamarine Jewelry for Gift

Sterling Silver Aquamarine Necklace Oval Blue Pendant Necklace March Birthstone Necklace for Women Handmade Aquamarine Jewelry for Gift


This enchanting Sterling Silver Aquamarine Necklace showcases a brilliantly cut oval blue pendant that captures the serene essence of the sea. The specially selected aquamarine, a gem revered for its clear ocean-blue hue, is set in high-quality sterling silver, providing a durable and hypoallergenic frame. Encased in a delicate and artful setting, the gemstone radiates light, enveloping the wearer in a subtle glow that compliments any ensemble. This necklace serves as a testament to the artisan’s skill, with every piece meticulously handcrafted to ensure a unique touch.

Designed as a tribute to those born in March, this necklace features the birthstone believed to bring calmness and clarity to its wearer. Its refined elegance makes it a versatile accessory, perfect for both everyday wear and special occasions. The durability of the sterling silver and the timeless design ensure this piece can be treasured as a family heirloom, passed down through generations. The necklace is not only a piece of jewelry but also a meaningful gift that celebrates personal milestones and connections.

Presented in an exquisite gift box, this handmade aquamarine jewelry is an ideal present for birthdays, anniversaries, or as a token of affection. Each necklace comes with an adjustable chain, allowing for a personalized fit and ensuring comfort. The quality craftsmanship combined with the thoughtful presentation makes this necklace a cherished gift for any woman. It’s a testament to the beauty of handcrafted artistry, making it a treasure that will be worn and adored for years to come.

The Aquamarine: A Gem of Serenity and March Birthstone Royalty

Aquamarine, for starters, is derived from the Latin ‘aqua marina,’ meaning ‘water of the sea.’ Quite fitting, as this gem resembles the pale, refreshing blue of ocean waters, doesn’t it? The stone boasts a spectrum that sails from a nearly clear shade of blue to a deep pastel hue. But here’s the kicker — unlike its blue stone cousins, the Aquamarine is known for its crystal-clear transparency, a quality as rare as a can opener that works on the first try — you know the struggle is real!

Signifying purity and relaxation, this march birthstone doesn’t just rest on its laurels as March’s centerpiece; it also moonlights as a 19th wedding anniversary gift. Remember the astounding 1,298 carat step-cut charm gifted to Eleanor Roosevelt? If that doesn’t scream march birthstone royalty, I don’t know what does!

Image 10391

Attribute Detail
Birthstone Month March
Gemstone Aquamarine
Color Range Pale to Deep Blue, Blue-Green
Symbolism Youth, Health, Hope
Sources Primarily mined in Brazil, also found in African countries, and parts of Asia
Mohs Hardness Scale 7.5 to 8
Luster Vitreous (Glass-like)
Transparency Transparent to Translucent
Refraction Index 1.567 to 1.590
Specific Gravity 2.68 to 2.74
Wedding Anniversary 19th
Cultural Significance Protection for sailors, Luck for fishermen
Etymology From Latin ‘aqua’ (water) and ‘marina’ (of the sea)
Famous Aquamarine Eleanor Roosevelt’s 1,298ct Aquamarine given by the Brazilian government
Enhancements Some stones may be heat-treated to improve color
Care Instructions Avoid harsh chemicals; store separately to prevent scratching; clean with mild soap and water
Typical Market Range Varies widely depending on size, quality, and color; can range from $20-$100+ per carat for good quality stones
Special Treatments Can be cut and faceted to enhance sparkle and color; sometimes heat-treated

Bloodstone: March’s Mystical and Protective Birthstone

On the flip side is the mighty Bloodstone, a march birthstone with a darker edge. Imagine the darkest green forests you’ve wandered through, now picture sprinkles of red paint dashed across — that’s Bloodstone. It’s got this enchanting, almost otherworldly presence, like something “21 jump street 2012 cast” would stumble upon in a gripping scene.

Historically, this stone carried weight beyond mere aesthetics. Medieval Christian warriors could find symbols of Christ’s crucifixion in those red speckles. To them, it was more than a stone; it was a talisman, a staunch defender against the unknown.

The Metaphysical Meanings Behind March Birthstones

Okay, let’s get metaphysical for a second. These stones aren’t just pretty faces — they’re said to be packed with hidden powers. Aquamarine’s the zen-master, promoting peaceful vibes and emotional clarity. Many believe it’s like a “Quotes about strength” article, giving you that inner fortitude to tackle life’s high seas.

Then there’s Bloodstone, the bodyguard, always on the lookout. It’s been dubbed the ‘Stone of Courage,’ and is believed to bolster not just physical strength but your inner resolve, too — much like the unwavering determination of “Shawn Wayans” characters.

AmorAime Sterling Silver Cross Necklace for Women Birthstone Necklace Birthstone Jewelry Gifts for Christmas,Birthday or Anniversary (C.Blue March)

AmorAime Sterling Silver Cross Necklace for Women Birthstone Necklace Birthstone Jewelry Gifts for Christmas,Birthday or Anniversary (C.Blue March)


Introducing the AmorAime Sterling Silver Cross Necklace for Women, an exquisite piece of jewelry that combines the timeless symbol of faith with the personalized touch of a birthstone. Perfectly suited for celebratory occasions such as Christmas, birthdays, or anniversaries, this necklace features a dainty cross pendant, elegantly adorned with a captivating C.Blue crystal representing the March birthstone. Crafted from high-quality sterling silver, this necklace promises durability and a lustrous sheen that lasts, making it not only a stylish addition to any outfit but also a cherished keepsake for years to come.

Each necklace is thoughtfully designed to offer a delicate balance between spiritual significance and modern elegance, ensuring that it complements a range of styles and preferences. The C.Blue March birthstone is carefully set in the center of the cross, offering a splash of color that symbolizes wisdom and courage, traits often associated with those born in March. The sterling silver chain is adjustable, allowing the wearer to find the perfect fit and layer it seamlessly with other necklaces if desired.

The AmorAime Sterling Silver Cross Necklace arrives in a beautiful gift box, ready to be presented to a loved one on that special occasion. Accompanied by a heartfelt message card, it provides an effortlessly touching gesture to express love, appreciation, or camaraderie. Whether gifted to a friend, family member, or significant other, this birthstone necklace is sure to evoke joy and serve as a constant reminder of a cherished moment or person in the recipient’s life.

Aquamarine and Bloodstone: Assessing Quality and Value

Listen up, march birthstone shoppers — here’s your quick guide. Aquamarine’s all about color, cut, clarity, and carat. What you want is that perfect shade of sea blue, clear as the waters of “Taco Mac.” The depth and intensity of the color can impact the value more than the gem’s size. On the Bloodstone front, hunt for the stone that speaks to you. Rarity isn’t the game here; it’s about the character and the unique patterns each stone presents.

Image 10392

Gifting Guide: Finding the Perfect March Birthstone Present

Gift-giving’s an art, and with these gems, you’ve got to match the march birthstone’s character with the person’s. Somebody with a calm demeanor? Aquamarine’s their jam. The bold and the brave would likely resonate with the Bloodstone. Whether it’s a delicate pendant or a beefy ring, pick a setting that complements their flair. Remember, quality is key, and authenticity is non-negotiable — be on the lookout for the real deal.

Artisanal Allure: Spotlight on Unique March Birthstone Gift Ideas

The true magic of these stones emerges in the hands of masterful artisans. Custom designs that capture the essence of the recipient can redefine the gifting experience. Think of a necklace that mirrors the waves for our sea-loving Aquamarine fans or a Bloodstone cufflink set that would make “21 jump street 2012 cast” swoon. Dive into interviews with jewelry designers, learning about their sources of inspiration, to appreciate the heart poured into every crafted piece.

Alex and Ani Birthstones Expandable Bangle for Women, March, Aquamarine Crystal, Shiny Silver Finish, to in

Alex and Ani Birthstones Expandable Bangle for Women, March, Aquamarine Crystal, Shiny Silver Finish, to in


Add a touch of personalized sparkle to your wrist with the Alex and Ani Birthstones Expandable Bangle for Women, featuring the serene and captivating March birthstone, Aquamarine. Crafted with a shiny silver finish, this elegant bangle presents a timeless look that complements both casual and formal attire. The centerpiece of the bracelet is a beautifully faceted Aquamarine crystal, symbolizing tranquility and courage, and it is set amongst intricate charms that embody the brand’s signature aesthetic.

Designed with both style and comfort in mind, the expandable clasp allows the bangle to fit a wide range of wrist sizes and ensures easy on-and-off wear. The Alex and Ani bangle blends contemporary design with a hint of tradition, making it a versatile accessory for any March-born individual or anyone wishing to hold a piece of the sea’s calm essence near. Each bangle is thoughtfully constructed with eco-conscious materials and practices, reflecting a commitment to sustainability and mindfulness in jewelry design.

Perfect as a gift for someone special or as a cherished personal keepsake, this bangle serves as a daily reminder of one’s unique birth month and the qualities it represents. The Alex and Ani Birthstones Expandable Bangle for Women arrives with an official description card detailing the significance of the March stone, enhancing the personal and thoughtful nature of this treasured piece. The combination of its expandable feature, meaningful design, and brilliant Aquamarine crystal ensures it will become a staple accessory that celebrates individuality and style.

The Lasting Impact of Gifting March Birthstones

Ah, the joy of receiving a birthstone! It’s personal, poignant, and can weave into the story of a family as a cherished heirloom. These gems can signify momentous occasions — a perfect “quotes about strength” keepsake that reminds one of their resilience through tough times, or a celebration of milestones like that March 19th anniversary.

Image 10393

Preserving the Beauty: Care Tips for March Birthstone Jewelry

Keep your march birthstone gems sparkling with some TLC. Aquamarine’s fairly hardy but hates harsh chemicals. Bloodstone — tougher in legend — can still suffer from a lack of attention. A bit of warm, soapy water and a soft brush keeps them both looking brand new.

March Birthstones in Contemporary Fashion Trends

Moving into the fashion realm, Aquamarine and Bloodstone are strutting their stuff on runways and through the streets. They’re versatile, pairing with a crisp suit or a breezy sundress with equal panache. Chat up designers and influencers to find out just how these rocks are rolling in the fast-paced world of fashion.

Beyond the Birthstone: March Gems in Technology and Beyond

Not just a pretty face, Aquamarine has roles in tech, too. Due to certain properties, it’s been eyed for lenses and other high-precision instruments. Bloodstone, while less of a tech-star, still holds its own with notable uses in carving and decorative objects.

Reflecting on the Timeless Elegance of March Birthstones

Wrapping up, it’s clear these march birthstone gems embody more than just bling. They’re legacy pieces, emotional anchors, symbols of strength, and sparks of creativity. Predictions, you ask? Expect a wave of fresh, innovative uses but with that timeless connection to march birthstone lore sticking true, inspiring confidence in both the wearer and the beholder.

Whether it’s the sea’s tranquility or the heart’s courage you seek to gift, March birthstones hold a world of meaning, grounding us in the past and guiding us toward the future. Every piece tells a story, each stone a timeless echo of humanity’s journey. March on, and let these gems be a beacon of the beauty inherent in our stories.

Uncovering March’s Gemstone Marvels

March babies, you’re in for a treat! If you’re hunting for the perfect birthday present or just eager to delve into the sea-blue wonders of your birthstone, buckle up. We’re about to embark on a fun-filled journey exploring March’s alluring birthstones—yes, you read that right, stones, plural!

Aquamarine: The Tranquil Beauty

Ah, aquamarine! The name itself feels like a soothing whisper of ocean waves. And talk about a wanderlust trigger—this gem is a veritable passport to paradise, evoking images of crystal-clear tropical waters. Taking the Plunge into Aquamarine’s Depths, just look at that mesmerizing hue, ranging from the lightest sky blue to the deep, serene blue of the sea. It’s said that sailors once believed these gems could calm waves and keep them safe at sea. Who wouldn’t want a bit of that tranquility in their life, right?

Bloodstone: The Unsung Hero

Hold on, there’s a plot twist! Aquamarine isn’t March’s only birthstone. Enter the bloodstone: a dramatic name for a gem that’s more like the strong, silent type of the mineral world. This one’s a real heavyweight in the historical ring—a Deep Dive into Bloodstone Lore reveals it’s been a talisman of warriors and adventurers throughout the ages. With its dark green complexion speckled with red spots (like drops of blood—hence the name), this stone’s as bold as it is understated.

Fabulously Fun Facts

Okay, folks, you’re not gonna believe some of these tidbits:

  • Aquamarine and bloodstone sit on opposite ends of the birthstone spectrum, yet they’re like two peas in a pod for Pisces and early Aries folks. One’s the life of the party; the other’s the enigmatic stranger in the corner.
  • March’s gems have some serious Hollywood cred! Aquamarine is often the starlet of the red carpet. Meanwhile, bloodstone is the kind of gem you’d find in a brooding antihero’s ring—heavy, earthy, and undeniably cool.
  • Speaking of cool, the ancient Greeks believed that aquamarine was crystallized from mermaid tears. If you’re Diving into Aquamarine Myths, that’s just about the most magical origin story you could hope for, isn’t it?
  • Gift Ideas That Rock

    When it comes to gifting, you can’t go wrong with these gems. A sleek aquamarine necklace might just be the Key to Unlocking Her Heart, or how about bloodstone cufflinks for a gift that says, “You’re as solid as they come”? Whether you want to make a splash with aquamarine or offer the stoic elegance of bloodstone, you’re gifting way more than a beautiful piece of jewelry—you’re giving them a slice of history and legend.

    What Do They Mean, Anyway?

    Every gem has its lore, and these two are no exception. Aquamarine is all about serenity, courage, and communication—it’s like giving someone a wearable pep talk. Meanwhile, bloodstone is associated with strength, health, and a zest for living. It’s like saying, “Go get ’em, tiger!” without the roaring.

    With a duo like aquamarine and bloodstone, March’s birthstone gifts offer both the calm before the storm and the enduring power to weather it. So, pick out that perfect piece and ride the waves of joy you’re sure to bring to your favorite March-born loved one!

    PAVOI K Gold Plated Crystal Birthstone Bar Necklace Dainty Necklace Gold Necklaces for Women March

    PAVOI K Gold Plated Crystal Birthstone Bar Necklace  Dainty Necklace  Gold Necklaces for Women  March


    The PAVOI K Gold Plated Crystal Birthstone Bar Necklace is a delicate and sophisticated accessory designed to add a touch of personalized elegance to any woman’s wardrobe. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this necklace features a slim horizontal bar adorned with a vivid crystal that represents the birthstone for the month of March – the serene and beautiful aquamarine. The gentle sparkle of the crystal is complemented by the warm glow of the high-quality K gold plating, making this necklace a versatile piece that can be worn on any occasion, from casual outings to more formal events.

    This dainty necklace is perfect for layering or as a stand-alone statement, with its adjustable chain ensuring a comfortable fit for all neck sizes. Its timeless design seamlessly blends classic charm with modern minimalism, ensuring it remains a staple in any jewelry collection for years to come. The gold plating not only adds a luxurious sheen but also promises durability, allowing the necklace to maintain its luster with regular wear.

    A thoughtful and stunning gift option, the PAVOI K Gold Plated Crystal Birthstone Bar Necklace celebrates the individuality of the wearer, making it especially meaningful for those born in March. Whether it’s for a birthday, Mother’s Day, or just as a special surprise, this necklace is presented in premium packaging, ready to delight the recipient with its elegance. The combination of personalized touch with tasteful design ensures that this gold necklace for women will be cherished as a symbol of a special moment or as a treasured piece of everyday jewelry.

    What are the 2 birthstones for March?

    Oh, March babies hit the jackpot with two glittering birthstones, Aquamarine and Bloodstone! Both stones are as different as night and day, each with its unique charm, but why settle for one when March rolls out the red carpet for a duo?

    What is the birth color for March?

    Go green or go home, am I right? March’s birth color takes a page from spring’s playbook, featuring a lush, vibrant green that breathes life into the tail end of winter. It’s like nature’s way of giving the green light for warmer days ahead.

    What is my birthstone March 1st?

    If you’re a March 1st babe, Aquamarine is your gemstone, no ifs, ands, or buts! With its sea-blue charm, it’s like wearing a piece of the ocean. Talk about making waves!

    What is the origin of the birthstone for March?

    Dive into history, folks! The birthstone for March, Aquamarine, traces its origins back to the treasure chests of mermaids, at least in ancient lore. The Greeks and Romans believed it was the sailor’s guardian gem, keeping them safe on their Sunday sails.

    Who should not wear aquamarine stone?

    Listen up! Not everyone is a perfect match for Aquamarine. If you’ve got a fiery disposition, tread carefully. This calming stone might just douse your flames, but hey, maybe a little chill isn’t such a bad thing.

    What is the rarest birthstone?

    Talk about hard to get—Alexandrite, the chameleon gem, is the rarest birthstone out there. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack, but man, does it shine with all the colors of the rainbow in different lights!

    What is the symbol for March?

    March marches to the beat of its own drum with the astrological symbol of the fish, representing the zodiac sign Pisces. These two graceful fish are swimming in a sea of personality, so go ahead and let those Piscean vibes flow.

    What is the personality of March born?

    March-born folks, you’ve got a rep for being as cool as a cucumber and as fierce as a lion. True to the month’s unpredictable weather, you’re known for your dynamic energy and magnetic spirit. Sounds like someone’s got the luck o’ the Irish!

    What does aquamarine symbolize?

    Aquamarine isn’t just a pretty face; it’s a symbol of serenity, like a spa day for the soul. It’s said to keep the wearer’s head clear and heart at ease, making it the go-to gem for a peace of mind vibe.

    What is the cheapest birthstone?

    Penny pinchers, unite! Garnet, the garnish of January, is often the most budget-friendly on the birthstone menu. Who says you can’t add a little sparkle without breaking the bank?

    Is the March birthstone rare?

    Rare, schmare! While Aquamarine is a gem of the sea, it isn’t as scarce as some of its birthstone buddies. Rest easy, March babies, there’s plenty of this tranquil treasure to go around.

    Who should wear bloodstone?

    Roll out the red carpet for Bloodstone wearers — warriors and athletes, you’re up! With its reputation for courage and endurance, it’s the stone of choice for those who love to tackle life head-on.

    What does the amethyst stone symbolize?

    Amethyst isn’t just purple pretty; it’s steeped in meaning too—standing for wisdom, courage, and calm. It’s basically the gemstone equivalent of a superhero, cape and all.

    Where is the March birthstone most commonly found?

    While you might not stumble upon the March birthstone just anywhere, Brazil and Madagascar are like the Beverly Hills for Aquamarine. These hotspots serve up some of the finest specimens you’ll find on this rock we call home.

    What is Pisces birthstone called?

    Pisces pals, your birthstone is the enchanting Aquamarine! Imagine every Piscean dream wrapped up into one tantalizing, ocean-blue gem. It’s the mermaid of birthstones, after all.

    Which months have 2 birthstones?

    A duo of dazzle is what you’ll find for the months of January, March, June, August, September, and October. Each month pairs up two gems, because hey, solo acts are so last season.

    Does Pisces have two birthstones?

    Does Pisces have two birthstones? Well, kinda! While Aquamarine is the headliner, some folks like to throw Amethyst into the mix. But hey, a little extra bling never hurt anybody, right?

    What is Pisces birthstone?

    Hey there, Pisces! Your birthstone is none other than Aquamarine. It’s like having your own little drop of the ocean with you wherever you go — talk about making a splash!

    What is the only month with two birthstones?

    Well, aren’t you observant? June stands out as the only month officially rocking two birthstones: Pearl and Alexandrite. It’s like picking between chocolate and vanilla—why not both?

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