Best Necco Wafers: 5 Surprising Facts

Necco Wafers, a sweet emblem of Americana and a staple in the candy aisles for over a century, continue to spark joy, curiosity, and sometimes even a bit of healthy debate among confectionery aficionados. Since its inception in 1847, Necco Wafers have traveled through time not just as a treat but as a cultural and historical artifact. Sit back, grab a roll of these classic candies, and prepare to unwrap five surprising facts about Necco Wafers—you might just find the inspiration to stick to your entrepreneurial pursuits can come from the most unlikely of sources!

The History of Necco Wafers: A Sweet Journey Through Time

The story of Necco Wafers is as rich and layered as the company’s 150 years of existence. Oliver R. Chase created a little piece of candy history when he designed a lozenge cutter, leading to the establishment of a confectionery empire that would survive Civil Wars, world wars, and economic depressions.

During wartime, Necco Wafers were carried by soldiers as they fit perfectly in their ration kits, becoming a symbol of comfort far from home. These wafers weren’t just candy; they were tiny, edible mementos of resilience and innovation. Even now, their retro appeal endures in a digital age, reminding us that the best ideas have longevity.

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Fact #1: Necco Wafers Manufacturing Process – Secrets Behind the Candy

The crunch and melt-in-your-mouth quality of Necco Wafers have remained consistent through the ages, and there’s no magic here—just good old-fashioned manufacturing ingenuity. Combining sugar, corn syrup, gelatin, gums, colorings, and flavorings, the candy mixture is rolled, cut, and dried in a proprietary process that has been tweaked to perfection over decades. Feel it? That crisp snap is a testament to the dedication and precision of the makers—like the steady hand of an expert potter or the keen eye of a master painter.

Visits to the factory would reveal a bustle of activity: machines humming, wafers tumbling, and workers packaging with care. The pride in their craft is evident, each roll of wafers representing not just a sweet treat, but a slice of history, the American dream encapsulated in candy form.

Necco Wafers Information Details
History Founded in 1847; oldest continuously operating candy company in the US until 2018 bankruptcy
Manufacturer Originally NECCO, now Spangler Candy Company
Acquisition Purchased by Round Hill Investments for $17.3 million in May 2018
Shutdown Ended operations on July 24, 2018, due to “sanitation issues”
Relaunch Acquired by Spangler Candy Company which relaunched the candy in Summer 2020
Anniversary Celebrated 150 years in 1997
Flavors Lemon, Lime, Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Wintergreen, Licorice, Chocolate
Ingredients Sugar, Corn Syrup, Gelatin, Gums, Colorings, Flavorings
Nutritional Facts (per 2 oz) Calories: 220, Total Fat: 0 g, Cholesterol: 0 mg, Sodium: 0 mg, Carbohydrates: 56 g, Sugars: 55 g, Protein: 0 g
Unique Features Crispy texture, memorable nostalgic flavors, varied color-coded flavors
Production Resumption May 2020 by Spangler Candy Company
Country of Origin (Post-2018) Made in Mexico under Spangler Candy Company’s direction
Color – Flavor Guide Yellow: Lemon, Green: Lime, Orange: Orange, Light Purple: Clove, White: Cinnamon, Pink: Wintergreen, Dark Gray: Licorice, Brown: Chocolate
Production Suspended July 2018 during NECCO bankruptcy
Price Range Varies by retailer, commonly found in vintage/retro candy sections or online
Benefits Gluten-free, fat-free
Available Packaging Sold in rolls containing all flavors

Fact #2: The Comeback Kid – Necco Wafers’ Revival After Bankruptcy

If you thought Necco Wafers were down for the count in 2018, you’d be mistaken. The bankruptcy filing and abrupt shutdown of operations might have spelled the end, but in a twist worthy of a Hollywood feel good movie, Round Hill Investments saw the potential in these humble wafers and forked over $17.3 million to save the day. The plot thickened when sanitation issues paused the music, but then, like a phoenix rising from sugary ashes, Spangler Candy Company swooped in to rekindle the Necco flame!

Spangler’s stamp of approval didn’t just resuscitate a beloved candy; it reignited an entire community’s passion. Folks who likened Necco Wafers to the taste of childhood came out in droves, proving that what’s old can be new again—a powerful lesson for any entrepreneur eyeing the next pivot or market disruption.

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Fact #3: A Flavor Like No Other – The Secret Behind Necco Wafers’ Distinct Taste

Let’s talk flavor, shall we? Necco Wafers are the guardians of a taste galaxy that is undeniably out of this world—from the zesty lemon and lime to the robust clove and licorice. It’s an iconic octet that dances on the palate, each color a different swatch in a kaleidoscopic taste montage that is both revered and reviled.

Chalky? Sure. But that velvety texture is the culinary canvas for flavors that pop, delight, and sometimes divide. It’s a reminder that the boldest of creations are often the most polarizing—and isn’t that just the recipe for an unforgettable legacy in any field?

Fact #4: Collectors’ Delight – Rare and Unusual Necco Wafers Editions

Collect them, don’t just eat them! Necco Wafers have become a collector’s paradise, with rare editions and whimsical flavors garnering the same fervor as limited-edition sneakers or signed Sanaa Lathan Movies memorabilia. Picture those mint-condition rolls of ‘Holiday Spice’ wafers, or chocolate-lover variants that sent chocoholics into a frenzy—these are not merely candies; they’re treasures to be coveted, assets in the grand portfolio of the candy world.

Conversing with collectors reveals a vibrant subculture where each roll tells a story, an anthology of sugary sway held in the same regard as a rare vintage wine or a gleaming vinyl record—a reminder that scarcity and story can elevate any product from forgettable to iconic.

Fact #5: Not Just Wafers – Necco’s Impact on the Confectionery World

Give a standing ovation to Necco Wafers for they share the stage with a confectionery cast that’s shaped the contours of the candy landscape. Have we mentioned Sweethearts, the Valentine’s Day virtuoso, or the Clark Bar, draped in its nostalgic wrapper? These siblings in sweetness, also birthed by NECCO, contribute to a legacy of delight that stretches beyond wafers alone.

At this confluence of treats, we see the synthesis of innovation, adaptation, and storytelling, elements that any business must blend to concoct its own recipe for success in a marketplace that’s ever-hungry for the next big thing.

Necco Wafers and Modern Trends: Adapting to a New Generation

Surviving and indeed thriving in our health-conscious era, Necco Wafers have slipped into the modern candy lexicon with aplomb. Though nothing drastic has changed in that signature taste, the brand has teased the health-aware with talk of natural ingredients and has made appearances in culturally savvy pop-ups, ensuring Necco keeps up with the Jarritos hard soda-sipping, Judy Blue tummy control Jeans-wearing consumer of today.

They’ve even taken a swing at cross-branding escapades. Imagine a collaboration that sees those distinct Necco flavors fused into a Nuface mini-line of skin-care products, wrapping entrepreneurship in a cloak of whimsy and dare. We’re talking extraordinary, outside-the-box branding maneuvers here, keeping the old-school in the loop with new-school cool.

Conclusion: The Unbreakable Legacy of Necco Wafers

As we close the candy wrapper on this sweet saga, remember that Necco Wafers are more than a candy; they are a testament to endurance in a fickle world. This isn’t just about surviving; it’s about thriving, adapting, and making a return with the flair of a guardians of the galaxy ride at Epcot—a journey that thrills, surprises, and nostalgically nods to its roots.

What can entrepreneurs take from this? That branding, perseverance, and an understanding of your audience can sustain your venture through the toughest of times. Just as Necco Wafers have weathered the storms and come out with their flavors flying high, so too can your business, armed with the essence of innovation and a nod to the timeless.

May the story of Necco Wafers serve as your entrepreneurial parable—classic, with a twist of resilience and an evergreen reminder that the essence of a product can permeate the heart of culture, leaving an indelible, and delicious, mark on the world.

The Sweet Scoop on Necco Wafers

Ah, Necco Wafers—the timeless candy that’s been satisfying sweet tooths for over a century now. Pop open a roll, and you’re hit with a nostalgic wave that can only be matched by the pure joy of, say, zipping through the cosmos on the Guardians Of The Galaxy ride at Epcot. But hey, before you crunch into these delectable discs, let’s dish out some trivia that’s as surprising as finding a forgotten five in your jeans pocket. Trust me, these facts about Necco Wafers are as peppery as a splash of Valentina hot sauce on your favorite taco.

A Candy History That’s Not Just Black and White

First off, did you know that Necco Wafers have been around since before the light bulb lit up Edison’s noggin? We’re talkin’ civil-war ancient here! Soldiers carried these sweets in their pockets as they marched—kinda like modern folks do with their smartphones, but, you know, a lot less “techy” and a lot more tasty.

The Universe of Flavors

Now, hang onto your hats because the universe of Necco Wafer flavors is as diverse as the cast of characters you’d find in Feel-good Movies. From the classic chocolate and wintergreen to the more adventurous licorice, there’s a flavor to suit every kind of sweet tooth out there. Honestly, it’s like a party in your mouth where everyone’s invited, and nobody’s awkwardly left chatting by the chip bowl.

Color Me Surprised

Let’s chat colors, folks. The pastel hues of Necco Wafers aren’t just for show—they’re like little nods to the candy’s heartfelt history. Back in the day, the simple, muted colors were a product of the limited dye technology. Today, they’re a sort of culinary time machine, giving you a taste, quite literally, of the past.

Sweet Survival

Ever thought about taking Necco Wafers along on a trek up Mount Everest? No? Well, you should! These candies are like the gift funds of the wilderness—a sweet little boost when you’re out there braving the elements. They won’t freeze or melt, making them the ultimate survival snack. Just unwrap, and you’re good to go!

Carnival of Love

Now, here’s a slice of sweet talk for ya: Necco Wafers were once a hot ticket at the love booth, if you know what I mean. In the early 1900s, folks used to pass these candies to their crushes with little messages written on them. Way before texting, am I right? Imagine confessing your love through a wafer—quirky, but kind of romantic!

So next time you’re peeling open a pack of Necco Wafers, remember: you’re not just indulging in a sugary snack. You’re munching on a piece of history, a feast of flavors, and a rainbow of simplicity that’s survived from one era to the next. Go ahead, treat yo’ self—and your taste buds—to this classic confection, and revel in the sweet, sweet trivia that makes Necco Wafers a sugary staple for candy lovers across the globe.

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Why were Necco Wafers discontinued?

Well, talk about a sugar crash! Necco Wafers were discontinued because the Necco company went belly up in 2018. It was a sad day for nostalgic candy lovers when financial troubles led to the company shutting down and their treats, including the wafers, taking a hiatus from candy shelves.

Is Necco the oldest candy?

Is Necco the oldest candy? You bet! Necco stands for New England Confectionery Company, and they’ve been sweetening the deal since 1847. With such a long legacy, they’re like the granddaddy of the candy world!

What flavor is the Purple Necco Wafer?

Wondering what the Purple Necco Wafer flavor is? It’s the taste of childhood, my friend—good ol’ grape! It’s like a fruity blast from the past that’ll have you strolling down memory lane.

How much sugar is in a roll of Necco Wafers?

Counting your sugar intake? In a roll of Necco Wafers, you’re looking at about 33 grams of sugar. Phew, that’s a sweet mouthful but let’s be real, we’re not munching on these for our health!

How many Necco Wafers in a roll?

So, how many Necco Wafers are in a roll? Typically, you can expect about 36 wafers. That’s enough to share, but hey, who’s judging if you keep that tasty time machine all to yourself?

What were Necco Wafers first used for?

History lesson time! Necco Wafers were first used as a travel-friendly snack for Union soldiers during the Civil War. Bet those soldiers never guessed they’d become a candy-counter classic!

What is the oldest candy still being sold?

The oldest candy still being sold? That’s none other than the charming and chewy Good & Plenty. They’ve been around since 1893, keeping it sweet and simple for over a century!

How many candy hearts does Necco make every year?

Now, let’s talk love—Necco makes a staggering 8 billion candy hearts each year for Valentine’s Day. Talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve, or in this case, dumping billions of them in candy aisles!

What is the oldest candy bar still made?

As for the oldest candy bar, that title goes to Fry’s Chocolate Cream, first crafted back in the good ol’ days of 1866. This classy confection keeps ticking like a fine antique clock.

What flavor is pink NECCO?

Tickled pink for the pink NECCO flavor? That’s none other than wintergreen! It’s like freshening up with a minty blush on your taste buds.

What does NECCO stand for?

NECCO stands for New England Confectionery Company. Short, sweet, and to the confectionery point!

What flavor are white Necco Wafers?

The white Necco Wafer flavor is a subtle twist of cinnamon. It’s like a little firecracker of spice in a sea of sweetness.

Are Necco Wafers good for you?

Are Necco Wafers good for you? Well, let’s be honest—they’re candy, not kale! If you’re craving a sweet treat, they hit the spot, but they’re definitely more of a treat than a health food.

Are Necco Wafers chalky?

Are Necco Wafers chalky? Yup, they’ve got that unique, powdery crunch that’s part candy, part childhood nostalgia, and totally divisive!

How many Neccos are in a pack?

How many Neccos are in a pack? Generally, you can count on about 36 wafers to keep your sweet tooth satisfied.

Were Necco Wafers discontinued?

Were Necco Wafers discontinued? Oh, for a hot minute they were! When Necco went under in 2018, these wafers went MIA, leaving many with a candy-coated heartache.

Are Necco Wafers discontinued?

Are Necco Wafers discontinued? Well, they were for a bit, but like a phoenix from the ashes, they’ve made a comeback. They’re rollin’ out again, and nostalgic fans are rejoicing!

When did Necco Wafers go out of business?

When did Necco Wafers go out of business? It was a bleak day in candy land when Necco called it quits in 2018. Thankfully, it wasn’t the end of the wafery road.

Do they still make Necco Wafers?

Do they still make Necco Wafers? Yes, indeed! After a brief break, these classic candies have dusted themselves off and are back on the scene. Sweet victory!

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