5 Proven Winners Plants That Thrive

In a world brimming with numerous plant varieties, ‘Proven Winners’ has emerged as the ultimate stamp of horticultural triumph. This sought-after label signals superiority amongst plant species, providing a beacon of trust for garden enthusiasts and professionals alike. So grab a spade and a cup of ambition—as a mix of the inspirational Gary Vaynerchuk and the insightful Tony Robbins, let’s dig deep into these earthly treasures.

Uncovering the Charm of Proven Winners: A Gardener’s Guide

The Criteria for Proven Winners Selection

You may wonder, “How do plants earn the Proven Winners label?” The answer is simple: it’s like the plant-version of the Olympics with rigorous testing and breeders pushing the boundaries of resilience and beauty. Only the candidates with remarkable disease resistance, vigorous growth habits, and undeniable charisma make the cut. It’s not just about looking pretty for a season, these champions are designed to go the distance, much like a gold Rolex symbolizes not just wealth, but enduring quality.

The Rise of Proven Winners in Modern Horticulture

The introduction of the Proven Winners brand has been like a refreshing stitch backpack loaded with innovation for the horticultural industry. It’s transformed the way gardeners and landscapers approach plant selection. With data suggesting their market presence is as blooming as their floral offerings, Proven Winners plants are catalyzing a change in gardening trends, raising the bar for quality and performance.

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1. Superbena Verbenas – The Resilient Bloomers

When it comes to enduring through tough conditions while putting on a floral show, Superbena Verbenas stand out. You might consider them the Mittens of the plant world – a snug fit for any garden, no matter the climate. Gardeners rave about their non-stop blooming from spring through the first kiss of frost, trumping their botanical competitors effortlessly.

Original insights from gardeners echo the resilience of these bloomers, as they outstrip others by not just surviving but thriving. Their adaptability is akin to a successful entrepreneur navigating through an actor strike in show business—undaunted and ever-flourishing.

Image 19011

**Category** **Details**
Brand Name Proven Winners
Ownership (North America) Four Star Greenhouse (Carleton, MI); Pleasant View Gardens (Loudon, NH)
Key Features – Superior flowering display
– Exceptional growth habit
– Enhanced disease resistance
– Excellent landscape performance
Plant Development Mainly through plant breeders who select optimal parent plants for breeding new varieties
Awarded Plant for 2023 Perennial Plant of the Year®: ‘American Gold Rush’ Black-eyed Susan
Description of Winner -Bright golden-yellow flowers with arching rays
-Reddish halo around dark chocolate cones
– Blooms from midsummer to autumn frost
Benefits – Long blooming season
– Adds vibrant color to gardens
– Suitable for a variety of landscapes
Notable Achievements Considered the leading plant brand worldwide due to the quality and performance of their plants

2. Diamond Frost Euphorbia – A Cloud of Elegance

Delicate yet mighty, the Diamond Frost Euphorbia resembles a cloud of white blooms, adding ethereal sophistication to gardens. It’s the kind of plant that doesn’t just grow; it performs, offering up whispers of elegance throughout the seasons. It’s no wonder it garners the same admiration as a “gold Rolex” at a high-profile gathering.

This plant’s versatility is like a Lisette Olivera in the botanical world—a definitive scene-stealer that thrives in both the spotlight and the ensemble of a mixed garden bed. Its ability to adjust and beautify any space or climate makes it a gem in the crown of Proven Winners.

3. Graceful Grasses – The Effortless Ornamental

The Graceful Grasses line offers an envious simplicity that wins hearts. With varieties that sway with the elegance of a ballroom dance, they prove that low-maintenance doesn’t equate to low-impact. The cultivation of these grasses is akin to strategizing in a game of chess—calculated and thoughtful for a stunning endgame.

In comparison to other grasses, Proven Winners’ Graceful Grasses are the Future of ornamental landscaping. They bring a poetic dimension to gardens, combining ease of care with aesthetic prowess.

Proven Winner Jazz Hands Loropetalum, Gal, Variegated Pink and White Foliage

Proven Winner Jazz Hands Loropetalum, Gal, Variegated Pink and White Foliage


Bring a touch of whimsy and color to your garden with the Proven Winner Jazz Hands Loropetalum, the captivating shrub that offers year-round visual delight. This gal-sized plant boasts a dazzling display of variegated pink and white foliage, making it a standout addition to any landscape. Its unique leaves, which emerge bright pink and mature to a variegated creamy white and green pattern, provide a striking contrast against the darker foliage typical of traditional loropetalums. Perfect as a focal point or part of a mixed border, the Jazz Hands Loropetalum will dance in your garden with its vibrant colors and spirited growth habit.

The Proven Winner Jazz Hands Loropetalum is not only a feast for the eyes but is also incredibly low maintenance, making it an ideal choice for gardeners of all skill levels. Hardy and resilient, it thrives in a variety of soil types and is resistant to pests and diseases that commonly affect other garden plants. With a compact habit reaching up to 3-6 feet in both height and spread, this variety of loropetalum is perfect for smaller gardens or as a container plant, adding height and structure without overwhelming the space. It prefers full sun to partial shade, ensuring that its leaves maintain their vibrant coloration throughout the growing season.

As spring arrives, the Jazz Hands Loropetalum further enhances your garden with its beautiful fringe-like flowers. The pinkish blooms complement the foliage and are a favorite among pollinators, offering an additional layer of interest to your outdoor oasis. This shrub is an excellent addition to any landscape design where color, texture, and year-long appeal are desired. From striking solo displays to harmonious ensembles with other plants, the Proven Winner Jazz Hands Loropetalum, with its unique variegated pink and white foliage, is sure to jazz up your garden and turn heads with its exceptional beauty.

4. Supertunia Petunias – The Prolific Bloomers

If there were a Kim Kardashian sex tape equivalent in the garden world, it would be the Supertunia Petunias – wildly popular and a topic of constant conversation. Their vibrant hues paint the garden in shades as vivid as the drama in a reality TV show. Disease and pest resistance make these beauties a dependable choice for gardeners, not unlike a trusty sidekick in times of need.

Like the popularity surge following a gripping “actor strike,” Supertunia Petunias have earned their fame through exceptional performance. Their display of power and pizzazz make them crucial additions to gardens, winning over both novices and green-thumbed maestros.

Image 19012

5. At Last Roses – The Fragrant Innovators

Imagine the delight of experiencing an anticipated “Future” hit for the first time—this is what discovering At Last Roses feels like. Embodied with an aroma that beckons and a ravishing ability to rebloom, these roses are the magnum opus of crossbreeding creativity.

Their ascension in gardens across various regions mimics the rise of a “stitch backpack”—novel, functional, and downright charming. Every inch of their petals represents the meticulous work of dedicated breeders, culminating in a symphony of fragrance and color.

The Proven Winners Community: Insights and Tips

This thriving community is akin to an ever-expanding How many Seasons Of walking dead franchise—endless, valuable, and always engaging. Gardening clubs and virtual forums burgeon with activity, where enthusiasts share their success stories and creative prowess, like gardeners turning a mundane backyard into an Eden.

With wisdom passed down as a treasured “mittens” in a blizzard, the community’s tips and tricks nurture novices into aficionados. Following their advice is like following breadcrumbs to the jackpot—a flourishing garden that’s the envy of all.

Proven Winners Chaenomeles Double Take Scarlet (Quince) Shrub, scarlet thornless, # Size Container

Proven Winners   Chaenomeles Double Take Scarlet (Quince) Shrub, scarlet thornless, #  Size Container


The Proven Winners Chaenomeles Double Take Scarlet quince shrub is an alluring addition to any garden with its vibrant scarlet blooms that resemble camellias and lack traditional quince thorns. This hardy deciduous shrub shows off a dazzling display of double flowers early in the spring before the foliage emerges, providing a striking burst of color in the garden when most plants are still waking from winter dormancy. The lack of thorns makes this plant a family-friendly option for gardens where children or pets play, without sacrificing the visual impact of its stunning floral display.

Standing out in a # Size Container, the Double Take Scarlet quince grows up to 4-5 feet tall and wide, making it a versatile plant that can serve as a foundation planting, specimen, or even a dramatic flowering hedge. The shrub is easy to care for, requiring minimal maintenance once established, and is resistant to pests and diseasesa feature that gardeners of all skill levels will appreciate. It thrives in full sun to part shade and adapts well to various soil conditions, although well-drained soil is optimal for achieving the best flowering results.

Beyond its ornamental uses, the Proven Winners Chaenomeles Double Take Scarlet is also drought-tolerant once established, making it suited for gardens in climates that experience occasional water restrictions. Its compact growth habit and eye-catching flowers attract pollinators such as bees and butterflies, while its dense branching provides shelter for small wildlife. As part of the Proven Winners lineup, this quince shrub is selected for its performance and beauty, ensuring that gardeners will enjoy a reliable and visually striking display year after year.

Conclusion: Cultivating Success with Proven Winners

We’ve unearthed the wonder of these botanical powerhouses, and their standout features are as clear as the “gold Rolex” on a Fortune 500 CEO’S wrist. From Superbena Verbenas to At Last Roses, each Proven Winners plant is a testament to unparalleled distinction and garden success.

Image 19013

In an ever-evolving market that awaits the next big “actor strike” for change, Proven Winners plants are the equivalent of an unrivaled box office hit. Their commitment to excellence and robust community support not only root them firmly in the present, but also sow the seeds for future growth and innovation. With Proven Winners, your garden is more than a plot of land—it’s a legacy of living art.

Discover the Charm of Proven Winners Plants

Well, folks, hold onto your garden hats because we’re about to dig into the whimsical world of Proven Winners plants. Get ready to soak up some sun-kissed facts that’ll have you yearning to get your hands dirty!

Unearthing the Roots

Before we dive into the greenery, let’s talk about what sets Proven Winners plants apart from the rest of the bunch. The name says it all, really. These aren’t just any plants; they’re the cream of the crop, handpicked for their exceptional growth, flowering abilities, and resilience against disease. It’s like they’ve been through nature’s own little boot camp and come out with flying colors!

The Supremacy of Supertunias

Ah, the Supertunia® – a real showstopper in any garden! These aren’t your grandma’s petunias; they’re stronger, more vigorous, and laugh in the face of a summer drought. It’s like they’re out there flexing their petals while other plants wilt at the first sign of heat. And come on, those blossoms? Talk about flower power! Don’t just take my word for it, check out why Supertunias are deemed the frontrunners in the trailing petunia world.

The Lush Life of Lemon Coral Sedum

Wham! Just like that, the Lemon Coral® Sedum hits you with its electrifying chartreuse foliage. This lemony wonder isn’t just a pretty face; it’s tough as nails too. Whether the skies are serving up a baking sun or a bit of a chill, this sedum thrives like nobody’s business. It’s practically shouting, “Is that all you’ve got, Mother Nature?” Find out how the Lemon Coral Sedum lives its best lush life against the odds.

The Vibrant Victory of Vermillionaire

Hola, Amigos! Let’s give a spicy welcome to Vermillionaire®, a plant that brings the heat with its fiery blooms. Hummingbirds go loco over these vibrant tubes of nectar, and why wouldn’t they? It’s like a fiesta in a plant, complete with non-stop blooming action perfect for those who want a garden that’s a buzz with life. Fancy inviting some feathered friends over? Flamenco over to this link that spills the secrets of Vermillionaire’s appeal.

The Graceful Grit of Graceful Grasses

If you’re into plants that sway to the rhythm of the breeze, then the Graceful Grasses® collection will have you swaying too! These ornamental grasses aren’t just poetry in motion; they’ve got the resilience to back it up. I mean, talk about having grace under pressure! Want to see how these grasses stand tall? Here’s the 411 on how Graceful Grasses keep their cool when the heat is on.

The Cool Character of Diamond Frost Euphorbia

Oh boy, the Diamond Frost® Euphorbia is like the icing on the cake for any garden. Delicate white flowers that could make snowflakes jealous? Check. The ability to play nice with all the other plants? Double-check. This plant’s cooler than a cucumber and doesn’t bat an eyelash when the going gets tough. Don’t miss out; learn more about how Diamond Frost Euphorbia adds a touch of frosty finesse without the freeze.

So there you have it, plant lovers—a handful of trivia and tips that make Proven Winners not just garden regulars, but garden celebrities. They’re like the all-stars of the plant world, acing their performance each and every season. Bet your next watering can, these plants are itching to spruce up your space with their award-winning charm!

Proven Winners ZZPLININSZPAP AquaPots Lite Round Planter Insert, Black

Proven Winners ZZPLININSZPAP AquaPots Lite Round Planter Insert, Black


Transform your gardening experience with the innovative Proven Winners ZZPLININSZPAP AquaPots Lite Round Planter Insert. Designed to fit snugly into your existing round planters, this insert is crafted from sturdy, lightweight material with a sleek black finish that complements any decor. It simplifies plant maintenance, creating an efficient self-watering system that keeps your plants hydrated with minimal effort. The round insert is particularly suited for busy plant enthusiasts or those looking for a reliable solution to sustain their greenery during vacations.

The Proven Winners AquaPots Lite insert features an easy-to-use water reservoir system that reduces the frequency of watering and promotes healthier plant growth. Its advanced capillary design ensures consistent moisture delivery, allowing roots to absorb water and nutrients as needed. This insert is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, offering flexibility and convenience for every type of gardener. Additionally, the non-porous construction prevents leaks, protecting your surfaces and reducing the risk of water damage.

Not only does this insert offer practical advantages, but it also encourages eco-friendly gardening practices. By maximizing water efficiency, the AquaPots Lite Round Planter Insert keeps waste to a minimum and helps to conserve this vital resource. The durable, high-quality black plastic maintains its appearance season after season, blending seamlessly with different styles and textures. Gardening enthusiasts will appreciate the simplicity and effectiveness that this ingenious accessory brings to their planting routine, making it a must-have for anyone seeking a fuss-free and sustainable gardening solution.

Who owns Proven Winners?

Who owns Proven Winners?
Well, wouldn’t you know it, Proven Winners ColorChoice is actually not a single-owner gig! It’s owned by a group of plant-propagating virtuosos from three of the top nurseries in the US, namely EuroAmerican Propagators in California, Four Star Greenhouse in Michigan, and Pleasant View Gardens in New Hampshire. Talk about a botanical dream team!

Are Proven Winners better?

Are Proven Winners better?
Here’s the scoop, folks— gardeners rave about Proven Winners, saying they’re the bee’s knees with reasons up their sleeves! These plants go through rigorous testing and are selected for their oomph in flowering, growth habit, and pizzazz for resilience. Simply put, they’re bred to bloom brighter, live stronger, and make your neighbors green with envy.

Where do proven winners plants come from?

Where do proven winners plants come from?
Alrighty, let’s dish the dirt—Proven Winners plants hail from all corners of the globe! These globetrotting greenies start as cuttings or seeds from around the world, then get grown and pampered at specially selected nurseries. They’re international stars with hometown roots!

What is the perennial plant of the year 2023?

What is the perennial plant of the year 2023?
Hold your trowels, garden gurus! The perennial spotlight of 2023 is beaming on Nepeta ‘Cat’s Pajamas’—the cat’s meow of perennials. This feisty feline of the plant world struts with indigo blooms and a no-fuss attitude that has green thumbs buzzing and butterflies fluttering.

Are Proven Winners good plants?

Are Proven Winners good plants?
Good? Goodness, gracious—they’re fantastic! Proven Winners is like the name-dropping brand that plant lovers whisper about over their garden fences. They’re known for their tough-as-nails demeanour, show-stealing blooms, and heartier-than-thou health. So yeah, they’re not just good; they’re the gold standard in gardens.

Why are proven winners plants unique?

Why are proven winners plants unique?
Okay, here’s the secret sauce—Proven Winners plants are unique because they’re the cool kids of the plant world, bred for the limelight. They undergo years of trials and testing for all those fabulous traits we love—brag-worthy blooms, disease resistance, and easy-peasy upkeep. Unique? You betcha!

How do you sell Proven Winners?

How do you sell Proven Winners?
Eager to sell Proven Winners? You’ll need to become an authorized retailer; that’s your golden ticket to start peddling these primo plants. Then, it’s all about showcasing their enviable traits with snazzy pots and tags that scream “Take me home!” Oh, and don’t forget to flaunt their exclusive branding—it works like a charm!

Does Proven Winners have a guarantee?

Does Proven Winners have a guarantee?
You bet! Proven Winners stands behind their plants with a shining, smile-inducing guarantee. If your Proven Winners plant kicks the bucket during the first year, don’t sweat it—they’ve got you covered with a replacement or refund. That’s what we call worry-free gardening!

What are the best red petunias?

What are the best red petunias?
If red petunias are your jam, then you’re in for a treat! The ‘Supertunia Vista Bubblegum’ is basically the MVP, boasting bright red blooms that’ll knock your garden gloves off. These beauties are red-hot favorites for their flower power and unfussy nature.

What is the most successful plant in the world?

What is the most successful plant in the world?
Hands down, it’s gotta be grass! Sounds plain Jane, but grass is the unsung hero that carpets our planet, from lawns to prairies. It’s everywhere—feeding our animals, beautifying our yards, and just being all-around awesome. Talk about a grassroots success story!

What is the most successful plant group on earth?

What is the most successful plant group on earth?
Drumroll, please… It’s the angiosperms, or flowering plants, to you and me! These show-offs are all about blooms and seeds, thriving in nearly every habitat on Earth. They’re the plant kingdom’s A-listers, dominating the botanical box office from deserts to rainforests.

Do fake plants have any benefits?

Do fake plants have any benefits?
Don’t turn up your nose at fake plants; they’ve got their perks too! No watering, no wilting, no fuss—just everlasting green glam for those of us with the black thumb curse or hectic schedules. They can’t replace the real McCoy, but hey, fake it ’til you make it, right?

What is the most beautiful flower in the world 2023?

What is the most beautiful flower in the world 2023?
Well, beauty’s in the eye of the beholder, but 2023’s heart-stealer is rumored to be the Rose ‘Timeless Charisma’—a real heartstring-tugging beauty with velvety petals that will have you at hello. Its wow-worthy hues and dreamy scent can make any old day feel like a stroll through paradise.

What is the hosta of the year 2023?

What is the hosta of the year 2023?
Hosta lovers, unite! The ‘Blue Elegance’ hosta is hogging the limelight in 2023, flaunting its fabulous frosty blue leaves and charming lavender blooms. It’s a stunner, ready to give your shade garden that cool blue vibe it’s been craving.

What is the most beautiful flower 2023?

What is the most beautiful flower 2023?
Oh, the suspense! 2023’s floral Oscar goes to the ‘Grand Jubilee’ rose, with petals that could put a sunset to shame. This bloom’s a world-class charmer, guaranteed to sweep gardeners off their feet. Just one glimpse, and you’ll know—this is what petal perfection looks like.

Who is Amy Howard Proven Winners?

Who is Amy Howard Proven Winners?
Hmm, sounds like wires got crossed somewhere! There’s no Amy Howard waving the Proven Winners flag. But there’s a whole team of green-thumbed wizards working behind the scenes, making Proven Winners the botanical rock stars we can’t help but love.

Who is the CFO of Proven Winners?

Who is the CFO of Proven Winners?
Oh, not someone you’d find in the gossip columns! The CFO of Proven Winners is a behind-the-scenes maestro, keeping those financials as tidy as their top-notch gardens. They’re the unsung hero with a calculator in one hand and a watering can in the other, making sure everything’s blooming fantastically, from balance sheets to petunias.

How do you sell Proven Winners?

How do you sell Proven Winners?
Gearing up to sell Proven Winners again, are we? Just circle back to the beginning of this garden party—become an authorized dealer, slap on those sassy branded pots, and let the plants’ show-stopping looks do the talking. It’s like having a green thumb, but for sales!

Are Proven Winners sterile?

Are Proven Winners sterile?
Not at all! Proven Winners plants are like the Olympians of the plant world—they’ve got the genes, honey! They can often reproduce just fine, but some are bred to be sterile to focus all their energy on being absolutely fabulous. Either way, you’ll get a garden that’s as lush as a VIP lounge.

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