Reaching Your Goals in Macros

Reaching Your Goals in Macros

“If It Fits Your Macros”, the popular term for dieting, is widely used. But what does it actually mean? Michael Matthews, the best-selling fitness author as well as CEO of Legion, explains how nutrition works.

Macronutrient-based nutrition sounds complicated, but we get it. Although it sounds complicated, once you get the basics down, it is an important part of getting your body in shape. Once you know how many calories each food group contains, it is easier to stick with what is known as your macros. Michael Matthews, the founder of Legion Athletics has explained the famous customizable diet. There is even a quiz that will help you figure out your numbers.

Let’s start with the basic idea of the diet. It is obvious that losing weight is all about eating a calorie surplus, which is to say, eating fewer calories per day than you burn. The macronutrient based diet (or hitting your macros) improves that concept and gives it more structure.

The numbers you see refer to the daily amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fat. You have met your goals if you consume the recommended number of grams of each category every day, regardless of how much food you eat. This gives you some discretion when it comes to what you eat, but you must not stray from the recommended amount of grams in each category.

Legion provides the tools you need to calculate your numbers. To calculate your total energy expenditure (TDEE), the first step is to use their calculator. You can get an estimate of how many calories your body is burning by simply entering your activity level and body metrics.

Then you can create a daily calorie limit and break it down into macronutrient goals. As we have already mentioned, the Legion website is a great resource that makes it easy for you to calculate your numbers and provides helpful tips on how to follow that plan.

You can reach your macros once you have your numbers in place. Sticking to a meal program that allows you some flexibility will help you achieve your macros. A diet that doesn’t involve punishment can make your weight loss journey easier and more enjoyable.