The Most Effective Technology Resolutions to Make Your Life Easier

The Most Effective Technology Resolutions to Make Your Life Easier

Technology is supposed to simplify our lives. Sometimes, however, tech can make our lives more difficult. This guide will help you find the best Technology Resolutions that will simplify your tech life.

Keep Your Devices In Top Condition

Maintaining your device should be the first thing on your list. Our smartphones and computers are used frequently, but they start to feel old and sluggish. There are many things you can do for your device to stay in good condition.
Start by checking your battery status with apps that show your battery statistics. You can make an appointment to have your battery repaired if it isn’t strong enough. You can also free up storage space by deleting files that you don’t use. Get rid of dust and dirt from your screen. This would be a great idea if you did it every six months.

Make sure you have your passwords cleaned up

You can only remember so many passwords. This means that you might use the same password on different websites. You might use the same passwords across all platforms, including shopping sites, banking, email, social media and banking. All of these accounts can be hacked if your password is stolen.
Log in to the accounts you wish to change your password. Strong passwords should contain special characters and numbers, as well as capital and lowercase letters. If the platform allows, you should add two-factor authentication to increase security.

Use a Password Manager

A password manager can help you organize your passwords. This tool helps you to create a random string of numbers, symbols, characters for all your apps and websites.
To get your password, you can use browser plugins and apps whenever you log in to the website or app. Passwords are protected as well. Touch ID and Face ID allow you to bypass passwords.

Removing Push Notifications

You can help yourself by turning off your push notifications. It’s difficult to imagine your phone without push notifications from third party apps. However, it can help you feel less overwhelmed.
By turning off push notifications, you can control your phone and increase your attention span. You might find that you are missing app updates or notifications. If this happens, turn each one on at a time.

Your Find My iPhone on

This is a simple process that you can do in a matter of minutes. This feature will be helpful if you lose or misplace your phone. This feature is often forgotten when we are desperately searching for our phones.
This can be done in your settings. Once you have activated it, enter your password. This feature works in the background, so it doesn’t impact your phone’s performance. This setting can be turned on immediately.

Make sure you have a working internet infrastructure

While we are quick to replace phones and computers that are damaged or old, we often neglect the Wi-Fi routers or chargers we have used for a while. You have a brand new phone and an old Wi-Fi router.
It would be a good idea to make it a resolution to inspect your internet infrastructure. You should replace your router if it has been in use for over three years. This will ensure that you have faster and more reliable internet. Also, you should check the infrastructure used to support your devices.

Buy Smart

It’s simple to order an electronic device that looks nice online. Because they want to get great deals, most people wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday to order electronics. If you have made it your resolution, however, to purchase new infrastructure, it is important to shop smart.
Buy high-quality tech products when they are at a significant discount. You will get more for your money this way. If you have a tight budget, you may be able to purchase new tech products as they become less expensive.

You can’t drive with your phone!

You can also face different fines and tickets for driving with your phone while driving. Distracted driving can lead to accidents for thousands.
It is better to use a Bluetooth headset or speaker while driving than using your phone. If you need to make phone calls, you should only use one part of your headset or earphones.

Take the TV out of the Bedroom

Even though it may seem like a big change in your life and your technology, you should make it your tech resolution that your bedroom is free from the TV. This will make your life much easier, especially when it comes to sleep. You will sleep later if there is a TV in your bedroom. If you wake up early, you may have less sleep.
Chronic sleep debt is a significant factor. Television can be too distracting and prevent you from falling asleep. You will experience more obesity and morbidity if you get less sleep. Avoid putting the TV in the bedroom of your child as it can disrupt your sleeping pattern. You should place it in the living or family room, or in the den.

Eat Without Your Phone

It’s a great resolution to not only take your TV from the bedroom but also avoid driving with your phone. After you have taken pictures for Instagram, you can put your phone down and eat. You can spend time with the people you are eating with, or you can collect your thoughts.
With so many things to do daily, we are often stretched thin. So, putting your phone down at breakfast and lunch gives you some time to yourself. Start by reading books and gradually moving on to eating without your phone.

Avoid Waste

There’s a good chance you have a lot of old power cables and gadgets in your office or man cave. It’s more common to put a new battery or charger in the drawer than throw it away.
Make it your tech resolution. Get rid of all the junk in your life and home. You can exchange your junk for rewards at companies such as Gazelle and Amazon if it is still in good condition. Tell the company about the device that you wish to trade and inquire how much.

Backup Your Computer

Backupping a computer is something that every tech user is familiar with. The real question is how well you have done it. To avoid losing data, it is best to back up your computer regularly.
There are three ways to backup your computer so that you don’t lose any data. One way is to backup your computer from an external location. It is important to back up your laptop to the cloud. This is a well-known practice. You still have access to the cloud even if your external drive or computer is damaged. You can also use off-site backups for your security.

Be careful about misinformation

Misinformation can occur when using various tech devices. Before you share the news to others, make sure that it is accurate. It is an irresponsible and serious problem that misinformation is becoming.
This can be avoided by fact-checking the data you find online before charging it. It is best to avoid posting anything that sounds strange. This is your resolution to avoid misinformation and false posts on the internet.

The Best Method is Paperless

Our final tech resolution is to become paperless. This can be done with all of your devices. The trees that produce paper are the trees of forests. This means that the less trees we have for oxygen, the better. It’s possible to show your concern for the environment and make life easier by becoming paperless.
By saving documents to your smartphone or laptop, you can go paperless. Paperless means you can get rid of all the paper scraps and messes around you. You can do just about anything that you need on your phone with the paperless design.
You can’t keep all of the tech resolutions. But you should make sure to choose the ones that you find most meaningful. These resolutions will make your life easier, and you’ll get the most from your tech devices.