Black Belt

The Thoughts of a Black Belt

Would you go up to a Black belt on the first day of a Brazilian jiu-jitsu class and demand a fight?
Most likely not, unless you are a full nutcase.

The majority of martial arts need years of training to get a Black belt.

deep focused practice instruction under the guidance of an experienced practitioner.
Every black belt first wears the color white.

We all have to start somewhere.
A thousand miles of travel begin with a single step.

In order to succeed in these subjects, we must put in long, arduous days and nights of honest labor.

To pass the grades, we must create daily, weekly, monthly, and annual objectives.
Delaying gratification is necessary because we know that perseverance will eventually pay off.

So why do individuals expect to earn over $150,000 a year after graduating from college with no relevant job experience?

Why do students expect to be in charge of their own lives the day after graduating from high school with no training or experience?

I’ll explain why.

Social media has contaminated our thoughts.
Influencers who are well-known but lack skill or work ethics who publish videos and photographs for money.

Thus, we now believe that if they can, so can I.

No effort and fast reward have taken the role of ethics and hard labor.

We shall be quickly replaced if we don’t start postponing pleasure and developing a Black belt attitude.

Nothing can substitute for years of practice and hard labor.

A Michael Jordan playing basketball or Michael Phelps swimming cannot be replaced by a computer.

A long period of hard labor and integrity will always win out over a temporary solution.

Do not seek the simple solution.
Believe you are a Black belt.
You’ll enroll in a martial arts school or start a new activity that calls on you to reach certain levels.

Your perspective will alter, and it could even transform your life.

It requires discipline, devotion, and a drive to achieve, as they say.
Not a miracle drug, fast pleasure, procrastination, or sloth.