Would You Go to Space If You Had The Chance To?

Would You Go to Space If You Had The Chance To?

When we were young, this question seemed like it was so far into the future. We would have excitedly said yes at the thought of going to space, and although this might be your first reaction if someone asks you this question today, there are many things you need to consider.

Only about 600 people have ever gone to space, which is a small number considering we are about eight billion people today. But nowadays, a couple of companies are looking for ways to open up space to normal people, tourists, and kids.

Some of these companies include Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic, and SpaceX. Now, traveling to space is our reality and has become possible for some people (albeit very rich people, but still). It’s possible that we can all get the chance to see what space looks like one day.

Tips To Keep in Mind If You Ever Attempt Space Travel

If you’re thinking about being one of the space tourists to likely emerge within a few years, there are a few things that you might want to keep in mind.

Space Travel Is Pretty Expensive

You might have expected this first tip, but traveling to space is pretty expensive. It’s not the same thing to get into an airplane, with tickets expected to be as low as $250,000. That’s a fortune for many people and can even be used to buy you a house.

You might have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for a suborbital flight and millions if you’re staying longer. But, there’s no doubt that going into space is a mind-blowing event, and this might change your life forever.

You Have to Be Fit, Physically and Mentally

Although you won’t be doing much as a space tourist, except sitting down, taking the view in, and floating around, it’s still important to be physically and mentally fit. Although you don’t need to be a buff guy or an athlete, being fit will help since your body will experience a couple of sensations during the flight.

Mental fitness is also very important when going to space. When you’re mentally fit or stable, you can enjoy the experience and become more engaged. This also makes it easier to remember every second.

You Can Practice with a Zero-G Flight

You can prepare yourself for space travel and weightlessness by experiencing a similar sensation to a zero-G flight. Although this adds to how much you have to spend, it’s a fun experience. You will need to book a reduced-gravity flight first when a plane flies in a series of arcs.

You can experience simulated weightlessness during the flight while the plane is falling. It’s quite similar to skydiving, and you’ll be floating in the plane. The feeling you get is the same as when a spacecraft enters space, and the engines are cut off.

Anyone can experience weightlessness with a zero-G flight today, whether you are planning to go to space. Whether you want to experience space travel without actually going or you are looking for an adrenaline rush, this is a fun activity to try out.

Weightlessness Training Will Come in Handy

It’s a good idea to think about weightlessness training before going into space, and scuba diving is a great way to do this. Being underwater isn’t the same as floating in space, but it helps you practice moving around when weightless.

NASA even has a giant pool in their facility, built to look like the life-sized replica of the ISS. Astronauts train under the water for their spacewalks. When you spend time underwater, weightlessness is pretty easy. It doesn’t require a lot of physical force, but it will require your mental prowess.

You Will Make a Couple of Messes

Doing your everyday life isn’t easy when you’re experiencing weightlessness, so you might have a few mishaps. Although you might not have to brush your teeth if you booked a short flight, you will have to go to the bathroom or eat your meal.

If you put your spoon down while eating, you will notice that it’s gone within a few seconds, and it will end up in the cabin air cleaner. Using the restroom is the hardest, as the toilet isn’t simple. The space toilets use airflow to guide things properly.

Without care, you might make a big and disgusting mess in the bathroom. And, you’ll have to clean that up.

You Will Need a Gameplan Once You’re Up in the Air

Although you will only spend a few minutes in space when you go on a suborbital flight, you need to plan what you will do. You can decide to bring a souvenir like a family photo and make plans to try out astronaut tricks like spinning and flipping while you’re weightless.

Most of all, you should have time to look out of the window. You can imagine how wonderful it would be to look down on planet earth, almost like you have the view of God over the world. Not many people have seen this view, so you should catch it before the space flight is over.

All Things Considered

Companies like Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic will soon start offering suborbital flights, which gives you a quick up and down to reach space and come back. The journey will be short, unlike going into a full orbit and even experiencing spacewalking.

Although the journey will be short, this also means that it will be easy. You only have to enjoy the ride, try not to inconvenience anyone, stay safe and take in the view. The only time you will be out of your seat is when you’re weightless, as they allow you to do whatever tricks you might have had in mind.

You won’t have the same training as astronauts if you decide to go to space, but the service will provide you with what you need. Space travel is possible today, which means that you can one day grab the chance to go to space.