Intelligence of the Emotions

Intelligence of the Emotions

Being a Conscious OutLaw means being consciously smart. Conscious OutLaws are self-aware, as I said previously. They have self-awareness and can practice the intelligence of the emotions.

IQ can be great but emotional intelligence will make you stand out. Schools give out IQ test to assess how book smart students are. We all know that just because you are smart about books doesn’t mean your self-awareness and ability to control emotions.

Tiger woods had amazing golf IQ but zero emotional intelligence. If he had a great EQ, would he have put his marital status and reputation at stake to have so many relationships?

Bill Clinton may have a great IQ, but he is having an affair. Really?

The list continues with all the sex-related scandals and people coming out of shadows to expose people.

What is Emotional Intelligence? EI or EQ, then?

It is self awareness, emotional self awareness. Understanding what you feel and why. Being able to control your emotional impulses and be aware of them.

Social Awareness and empathy. Understanding that people are different, understanding and showing empathy to others.

Self Control refers to being aware of what we do and not allowing ourselves to act impulsively. Social skills, the ability to motivate people with actions rather than words.

Bosses delegates, leaders take action, and they influence others with it.

Empathy and collaboration are key to success.

Conscious OutLaws apply the Stoic principles to their lives. Emotional intelligence: Being aware of their thoughts, emotions and why they choose the actions they do.

Happiness is the result of being grateful. Happy people are those who are grateful and humble. We know life is precious and it will end soon.

So, over what are you really fighting?