A New Level of Accessorizing (and Altering) by South Korean Artist and Fashion Designer MLMA

High fashion can take high fashion to extreme levels to stand out from other brands. If you don’t make knockoffs of famous brands, you’re making “fully damaged” shoes like Balenciaga. South Korean artist and fashion designer MLMA manages to make her look original and unique, even if this means she has to use scissors and markers.

MLMA, which stands to Me Love Me A Lot, is not well-known. Although publications claim her real name was Baek Yeejin, there’s no sourced confirmation. Her Wikipedia has only a rough estimate about her birth date. She has not interviewed many people, except for a 2018 Vogue interview. Even though there is a rumor she may be pregnant, it’s not confirmed.

Instead, she allows her style and music to speak for herself. The beauty industry has had makeup for a long time, but it’s seen great growth in the past couple of years. In 2017, MLMA posted a photo of her with a “wavy eyebrow” look.

“It was fun about two years back, then I did it again last year when I was stoned,” MLMA said in an interview with Vogue. It was posted because it seemed funny and went viral.

This post was deleted. Her Instagram now only shows posts from 2018 Her Instagram has only been updated to 2018 and her looks have only gotten more avant-garde. As a prop, she brought along a replica her own head to Paris Fashion Week 2018. It was a strange accessory, and it is still a popular trend today. She often posts bizarre imagery about her body, like multiple sets of eyes on her face or photoshopped anime characters.

Skoot is her luxury streetwear label. She co-founded it in 2012. All her pieces have her signature look. This is a very plain article of clothing, that looks as though it’s been cut apart and put back together. Rosalia, Billie Eilish, and Grimes have all worn it.

Did we mention that she is also an accomplished musician? Her music blends elements of rap, electronic music and Kpop into an industrial-based, hip-hop-influenced style that is entirely hers. The video is filled with her bright, eccentric designs.

It may be exhausting to try and balance a successful online business, a streetwear line, and a music job, while also being pregnant. She doesn’t seem to be doing anything she doesn’t like. In 2020, she was selected to be the Crocs(tm), Kentucky Fried Chicken’s face. It includes a Croc that is reminiscent of the KFC bucket. Also available in a platform version. There is no doubt she will only be committed to what she finds interesting, creative and bizarre. Do not expect this artist who thrives on the bizarre or grotesque to go out of business anytime soon.