Best Peter Millar Golf Apparel Reviewed

The Essentials of Peter Millar Golf Attire: Style Meets Function

Starting with a single cashmere sweater, Peter Millar has scaled the summit of luxury sportswear with finesse. Through this initial garment, an ethos emerged to embody luxury, elegance, and a dedication to superior craftsmanship. Today, the brand stands tall, offering an incredible lineup including luxury performance sportswear, seasonal resort apparel, refined tailored clothing, and sartorial accessories.

Peter Millar’s philosophy blends an intense focus on detail with a keystone of versatility. This translates into apparel that’s not only sharp for the boardroom but also stunning on the greens. Materials and design are comfortable and stylish, sporting cutting-edge technology that’s made to endure. From UV protection to moisture-wicking fabrics, they encapsulate innovation in every thread.

Wearability and performance go hand in hand, and Peter Millar understands this dance. I’ve seen their golf apparel hustle through an entire course with unparalleled grace, aiding those pivotal swings and putts. From tee-off to the last hole, the attire stands up to the test, offering golfers not just clothes but a trusted playing partner.

Top Picks: Peter Millar’s Premium Golf Shirts

Golf shirts are the statement pieces of the fairway, and Peter Millar’s lineup is no exception. Their golf shirts embody a rich texture with a treasure trove of features like breathability, a snug fit that doesn’t impede your swing, and UPF protection to ward off the sun’s glare.

I’ve heard several golfers raving about the comfort and style these shirts exude. Picture this: It’s high noon on a sultry day. You’re setting up for a long par-5, and as you drive down the fairway, your shirt works overtime, keeping you cool and collected. Buyers don’t just wear these shirts; they flaunt them, reveling in a combination of sophistication and comfort.

PETER MILLAR Perth Stretch Loop Terry Quarter Zip Black XL

PETER MILLAR Perth Stretch Loop Terry Quarter Zip Black   XL


The PETER MILLAR Perth Stretch Loop Terry Quarter Zip in classic black is a versatile and stylish addition to any modern wardrobe. This top-end garment, available in an XL size, seamlessly blends comfort with a sleek aesthetic. Crafted from a unique stretch loop terry fabric, it provides a luxurious soft feel while ensuring a greater range of motion, making it perfect for active lifestyles or relaxed weekends.

This quarter zip is designed with meticulous attention to detail, featuring a durable and smooth YKK zipper that stands up to constant wear. The stand-up collar delivers a polished look, whether the zip is fastened up to ward off a chilly breeze or left open for a more casual appearance. Its moisture-wicking technology also means the wearer will stay dry and comfortable through various activities and climates.

The subtle Peter Millar logo embroidered on the back yoke adds a touch of brand prestige to this classic piece, quietly signaling quality and elegance. Its tailored fit in the XL size accommodates different body types while maintaining a clean, sharp silhouette. Whether paired with tailored golf trousers for a round on the course or dressed down with jeans for an evening out, the PETER MILLAR Perth Stretch Loop Terry Quarter Zip proves to be as functional as it is fashionable.

**Aspect** **Details**
Brand Name Peter Millar
Ethos Embodying luxury, elegance, and superior craftsmanship
Product Range
Key Features
Price Range Varied, generally considered high-end or luxury pricing (Exact pricing varies by item, seasonal offers, and sales channels)
Notable Figures
Division G/FORE (wholly owned division of Peter Millar LLC)
Headquarters Corporation Trust Center, 1209 Orange Street, City of Wilmington, County of New Castle, Delaware 19801, USA
Market Position Positioned as a luxury brand in the golf and high-end casual apparel markets

Navigating Peter Millar’s Selection of Golf Trousers

When it comes to rounding the bends and contours of a golf course, flexibility is your bestie, folks. Peter Millar’s trousers are a cut above the rest, promising comfort without sacrificing the sleek look. Whether battling the brisk morning chill or the midday heat, these trousers offer durability matched with freedom of movement.

But don’t just take my word for it. I’ve trotted these trousers out for a spin and found them snug yet liberating. They move with you—not against you—and that’s vital because while the perfect swing demands concentration, the last thing you need is your gear playing spoilsport. Reports from the green corroborate this, as player after player speaks to the apparel’s command performance.

Image 11377

Peter Millar’s Outerwear: Combating the Elements in Style

Now, let’s talk about battling the whims of mother nature. Peter Millar’s jackets and pullovers come equipped with weather-resistant features robust enough to make you feel snug as a bug in a rug. With thermal technologies that contend with a myriad of climates, you bet there’s a savvy sartorial solution for every Percy Thrower out there.

Real-world scenarios have proven that even when the heavens open up or the winds turn traitorous, this gear stands its ground. Imagine playing a round in the Scottish Highlands, the wind howling like a banshee; that’s when these apparels’ mettle is truly tested, their claims verified by each golfer who’s dared to brave the elements in style.

Dressing for Success: Peter Millar’s Golf Accessories

Accessories, ah, the devil’s in the details, am I right? Peter Millar’s lineup complements its attire with a slew of accessories that mix aesthetics with utility. Gloves that offer grip, hats that shield you from the sun’s piercing gaze, and belts that tie the look together—yes, the upgrade is real.

A fellow golfer once told me, “When I snap on my Peter Millar belt, I feel like I’ve got my game face on.” It’s these nuances, these small bits of excellence, that uplifts a golfer’s game.

PETER MILLAR en’s Masters Course Design Performance Tech Golf Polo Shirt Navy (as, Alpha, x_l, Regular, Regular)

PETER MILLAR en's Masters Course Design Performance Tech Golf Polo Shirt   Navy (as, Alpha, x_l, Regular, Regular)


Elevate your golf game and style with the PETER MILLAR Men’s Masters Course Design Performance Tech Golf Polo Shirt in a sleek navy hue. This distinguished polo is meticulously crafted with a unique pattern that subtly hints at the prestigious Master’s Course, making it a must-have for any golf enthusiast aiming to showcase their passion for the sport. Its premium performance fabric ensures exceptional comfort and flexibility, allowing for an unrestricted swing on every tee.

The shirt’s technical material is not only soft and lightweight but also incorporates moisture-wicking properties to keep you dry and cool under pressure. With built-in UPF protection, it’s the ideal choice for sunny days on the links, safeguarding your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. The polo’s four-way stretch construction guarantees a fit that moves with you, maintaining a crisp and professional look throughout your round.

Available in a variety of sizes including as, Alpha, x_l, and designed with a regular, classic fit, this shirt caters to a broad range of golfers, ensuring a comfortable and flattering silhouette for every body type. Its attention to detail is evident in the elegant collar and three-button placket, which complements the chic navy color. The PETER MILLAR Masters Course Design Performance Tech Polo is a fusion of fashion and function that’s bound to make a statement on any course.

Peter Millar Golf Footwear: Step Up Your Game

Your dance with the turf needs the right shoes, and Peter Millar’s not been napping on the job. The golf shoes are engineered for traction, support, and comfort. Each step is a promise of stability; each swing begins from a foundation of reliability.

Peek at the player feedback and it’s littered with praise for design innovations specific to comfort and functionality. It demonstrates that even at the shoe level, Peter Millar doesn’t just walk the talk—they sprint.

Image 11378

Peter Millar Women’s Golf Apparel: Fashion Forward on the Fairways

Peter Millar doesn’t play when it comes to their women’s range—it’s all-inclusive, fashion-forward, and refuses to compromise on function. The brand has taken strides to ensure that its women’s apparel carries the same signature quality as its male counterpart, from the styling and fit right down to the materials used, which are tailored for comfort.

In conversations with female golfers, one thing becomes clear – Peter Millar’s approach to women’s golf wear has struck a chord. It echoes a sentiment that they, too, can dominate the greens in style without any hindrance.

PETER MILLAR Mens Shackleford Performance Hybrid Golf Short Navy

PETER MILLAR Mens Shackleford Performance Hybrid Golf Short   Navy


Introducing the PETER MILLAR Men’s Shackleford Performance Hybrid Golf Short in sophisticated Navy, meticulously crafted for the modern golfer who values both style and functional performance on the course. These premium golf shorts fuse the elegance of classic attire with contemporary sports technology, offering unparalleled comfort and mobility during play. Engineered with a stretch performance fabric, they ensure a full range of motion for every swing, while the moisture-wicking properties keep you cool and dry from the first hole to the last.

Designed with a keen eye for detail, the Shackleford Performance Hybrid Golf Short features a flat front and a tailored fit, creating a sharp, clean silhouette that transitions seamlessly from the fairway to the clubhouse. The shorts come equipped with two deep front pockets and two back pockets, providing ample space for your scorecard, tees, and other golf essentials. Moreover, the discreet Peter Millar emblem above the back right pocket adds a touch of luxury, marking the shorts with the signature of a trusted brand in golfing apparel.

The Navy color of the PETER MILLAR Shackleford shorts offers a versatile and timeless look, easily paired with a variety of polo shirts and belts for a personalized ensemble on the green. These shorts are not only an investment in your golf wardrobe but also in your performance and confidence as you play. Whether you’re competing in a tournament or enjoying a casual round with friends, the Shackleford Performance Hybrid Golf Short is set to become your go-to choice for comfort, style, and performance.

The Sustainability Score: Peter Millar’s Green Approach

Let’s face it, the green of the course and going green should go hand in hand. Peter Millar has stepped up its game in sustainability, weaving eco-friendly practices into its clothing lines. Their commitment echoes the growing demand for sustainable options in the sartorial world.

Is their approach authentic? My deep dive suggests a resonating “yes.” Compared to industry standards, Peter Millar is not just hitting the mark; they’re setting the bar, illustrating to consumers that luxury and responsibility can coexist seamlessly.

Image 11379

The Peter Millar Experience: Real Golfers, Real Feedback

The true acid test comes from the golfers who don Peter Millar attire as their armor for the sport. From the casual weekenders to the seasoned pros, feedback pours in with tales of style, comfort, and performance. Survey data shines a light on the brand’s reception, pointing out that it’s not just apparel—it’s a statement.

The consensus? Wearing Peter Millar is more than just about hitting the ball; it’s a testament to playing the game with a certain panache.

Outfitting the Pros: Peter Millar in the Professional Sphere

Professional golfers like Kevin Kisner, Cameron Young, and Ryan Fox sport Peter Millar because they love the brand—and with good reason. The brand has made significant inroads in professional spheres, garnering visibility on tours, and not merely as a fashion statement but as a badge of optimum performance and style.

Conversations with professionals reveal a trust in the brand, a belief that their game leverages the luxury and function Peter Millar brings to their uniform. This isn’t just clothing; it’s armor for those who play at the highest levels.

Purchasing Peter Millar: A Guide to Buying Smart

Let’s be real – quality has its price, but savvy shopping for Peter Millar can be fruitful. Craving the latest styles or hunting for a bargain on these luxurious threads? You’ll find them with a bit of digging and intuition. And remember, handling this apparel with care extends its lifetime, so investment in maintenance is key.

Size wisely, take care of your gear, and explore the personalization services that Peter Millar offers. Their custom-fitting is akin to a maestro fine-tuning his instrument—perfection in every crease and hemline.

The Evolution of Golf Fashion: Peter Millar’s Role in Shaping the Aesthetic

Take a swing through history, and you’ll see how golf attire has evolved, from tweed jackets to the sleek, breathable fabrics we know today. Peter Millar has been a driving force, engraving its mark upon the golfing world’s style conscience. Their growth in the market is not just impressive; it’s been the equivalent of a hole-in-one in terms of fashion influence.

The evidence suggests a consistent push towards innovation, with the brand’s collection echoing the changing tastes and technological advancements. What’s next on the fairway of fashion? Peter Millar seems poised to define it.

A Refined Finish: Looking Ahead to Peter Millar’s Future in Golf

Peering into the crystal ball, it’s evident Peter Millar’s journey is far from a 19th-hole reprieve. Their embodiment of luxury and craftsmanship fused with innovative design portends a future as bright as the glare off a well-struck driver.

From sustainable strides to enchanting the pros, the brand has teed up for a future where their apparel is synonymous with the pinnacle of golf fashion. Hold onto your visors, folks because if Peter Millar’s past is anything to go by, their future in golf apparel is as promising as a clear day and freshly mowed greens. So, stay sharp, stay stylish, and remember—swing easy, play hard, and dress impeccably in Peter Millar.

Did You Know? Peter Millar’s Fun Trivia and Fascinating Facts

Swing into Style: Peter Millar and the Jazz Connection

Who’d have thought that the sophistication of Peter Millar’s golf apparel could jazz up your game like a smooth saxophone riff at a jazz game?( Just imagine: the polished look of their polos could potentially harmonize your swing the same way a bass line syncs with a trumpet. No kidding! Hitting the green? Do it in style that sings.

The Saturday Night Tee Off with Chris Kattan

Alright, imagine this: a Saturday night on the golf course, the stars above, the fairway in front of you, and… wait for it… a dose of humor in your swing, reminiscent of Chris Kattan’s antics! We kid you not; Chris Kattan( might not be your caddy, but a Peter Millar outfit could bring some of that ‘A Night at the Roxbury’ rhythm to your game. Talk about a swing with swagger!

Speed Reading the Fairways

Hitting the books on How To read faster( can certainly sharpen your mind, but what about reading those tricky greens faster? Picture this: You’re in a sleek Peter Millar golf shirt that’s so comfortable it practically whispers strategies in your ear. A little birdie told us it’s like having a personal coach for navigating those breaks and slopes – now, wouldn’t that be a hole-in-one for your golf IQ?

O’Shea Jackson Jr.’s Smooth (Golf) Moves

Admit it – we’ve all fancied gliding across the green just as suavely as O’shea Jackson jr .( does on the big screen. While Peter Millar can’t promise you his acting chops, their garments give you the freedom to move and groove with the same ease. Whether it’s a power drive or a gentle putt, with Peter Millar, you’re set for a performance worthy of a standing ovation.

Meghann Fahy’s Role in Golf Fashion

Last but not least, let’s add a plot twist inspired by the eclectic roles in Meghann Fahy Movies And tv Shows( – every piece of Peter Millar attire you don is like a supporting character in your golf story. Dependable, eye-catching, and always in vogue – these pieces aren’t just fabric; they’re your on-course entourage.

Now, aren’t these tidbits of trivia a fun way to tee up a conversation on the fairway? Remember, it’s not just about what you wear, but the stories you create while wearing them. So swing into your story with Peter Millar, where every round is an episode, every shot is a scene, and you’re the star headlining the green.

PETER MILLAR Mens Solid Stretch Jersey Polo Cottage Blue M

PETER MILLAR Mens Solid Stretch Jersey Polo Cottage Blue  M


Introducing the PETER MILLAR Mens Solid Stretch Jersey Polo in Cottage Blue, size Medium – a refined addition to any gentleman’s wardrobe. Crafted from an exceptionally soft and flexible jersey fabric, this polo ensures all-day comfort without sacrificing style. The Cottage Blue hue is a tasteful and versatile color, providing a touch of elegance and simplicity that can be effortlessly paired with a range of bottoms, from casual denim to sharp chinos.

The detailing of the PETER MILLAR polo speaks to the quality and attention to detail synonymous with the brand. Its classic collar is perfectly structured to maintain a crisp appearance while the three-button placket allows for easy adjustability and a customizable neckline. The polo’s tailored fit offers a modern silhouette that’s neither too tight nor too loose, enhancing the body shape of the discerning man who wears it.

As functional as it is stylish, the Stretch Jersey Polo boasts features that cater to both comfort and performance. The fabric is notably breathable and includes moisture-wicking properties, making it an ideal choice for warm-weather outings or a leisurely round of golf. With its timeless charm and premium feel, the PETER MILLAR Mens Solid Stretch Jersey Polo in Cottage Blue is poised to be a go-to favorite for any casual occasion or sporting event.

Is Peter Millar a high end brand?

Oh, absolutely! Without a doubt, Peter Millar is considered a high-end brand. It’s the go-to label for those looking to splurge on some seriously luxe golf and lifestyle apparel. With its reputation for quality and class, you’re not just wearing clothes; you’re donning an image of upscale sophistication.

Which golfers wear Peter Millar?

Who’s sporting Peter Millar on the greens? Let’s just say if it’s a who’s who of golf, they’ve probably got this brand in their closet. From tour pros to amateur enthusiasts, you’ll see players like Brandt Snedeker and Bill Haas hitting the links in Peter Millar threads. It’s like a badge of honor—or more accurately, a very snazzy polo!

How many locations does Peter Millar have?

As for storefronts, Peter Millar is more about quality than quantity. With only a handful of locations—around 12 last time anyone checked—they definitely play it cool on the brick-and-mortar front. But hey, their online presence? Now that’s a whole different ball game.

Does Peter Millar own g4?

Hold your horses, sports fans! Peter Millar doesn’t own G/FORE—no, sir. However, they are part of the same happy family since Richemont, a luxury goods behemoth, brought them both under their wing. Talk about an elite clubhouse, huh?

Who buys Peter Millar?

Who buys Peter Millar? Well, it’s typically those folks who like a splash of luxe in their wardrobe. We’re talking about discerning customers who don’t mind forking out a bit more dough for top-notch quality and timeless style. It’s less about age and more about attitude—and, of course, a love for looking sharp.

Are Peter Millar shirts worth the price?

So, are Peter Millar shirts worth the price? Listen, if you’re about that “you get what you pay for” life, then absolutely! They’re not just selling you a shirt; they’re offering durability, comfort, and that ‘million bucks’ feeling. For many, it’s a resounding “Yes!” because quality never goes out of style.

Is Peter Millar a conservative company?

Is Peter Millar a conservative company? Well, we’re talking style, not politics! Their designs are classically modern—if that’s even a thing. Sure, they’re not out there making fashion waves, but they’re rock-solid in providing refined, well-made clothing that stands the test of time.

What golf shoe does Tiger Woods wear?

What golf shoe does Tiger Woods wear? Ah, Tiger—the legend. He’s usually spotted wearing his custom Nike golf shoes. They’re like his Sunday best, only for his feet. With his name stamped all over them, Nike’s got this shoe game down to a tee!

What shirt does Tiger Woods wear?

Tiger Woods and his shirts are like peas and carrots—they just go together. He’s known for wearing Nike, as they’ve crafted his iconic look. With every swing, that swoosh is saying, “Look out, ball, here comes greatness!”

Where is Peter Millar manufactured?

Diving into the making of Peter Millar—well, it’s a global affair. With roots in the high-end fabric mills of Italy, they take a world tour through countries like China and Peru to bring their products to life. It’s like the United Nations of garment construction!

What is Peter Millar return policy?

Peter Millar’s return policy is pretty par for the course. Got something that doesn’t fit the bill? No sweat, you’ve got 60 days to make a return, provided the item’s in good nick—tags attached, unworn, the whole nine yards. They’re aiming for a hole-in-one when it comes to customer satisfaction!

Who started Johnnie O?

The mastermind behind Johnnie O? That’d be none other than John O’Donnell, the younger bro to actor Chris O’Donnell. He swung into the fashion fairway back in 2005, mixing West Coast vibes with East Coast preppy. And voilà, a casual lifestyle brand was born!

What does the G fore stand for?

Time for a bit of wordplay, folks. G/FORE stands not just for that cry before a golfing mishap but also a love for “golf” (the G) forever (FORE)— see what they did there? It’s a brand that’s all about game-changing gear with a good dose of style.

Who bought G4 golf?

So, who bought G/FORE? Step up, Richemont—the Swiss luxury company that knows a hole-in-one when it sees one. They added G/FORE to their scorecard back in 2018, further jazzing up their already impressive lineup of high-end goodies.

What is Peter Millar collection?

The Peter Millar Collection? Oh, you’re wandering into the crème de la crème of their offerings. Think supreme fabrics, meticulous craftsmanship, and that “I’ve made it” feeling. It’s the epitome of sophisticated dressing for the modern gentleman, and it’s as sharp as they come.

What’s the highest end brand?

Talking high-end? Well, that’s a fashion show of contenders, but Chanel often struts to the top. With timeless allure and the kind of elegance that screams haute couture, it’s the fashion equivalent of a standing ovation.

What is considered a high end brand?

Defining a high-end brand is like spotting a luxury car—you know it when you see it. Brands like Gucci, Prada, and Louis Vuitton aren’t just labels; they’re statements. And they say, “I’ve got taste, and I’m not afraid to show it.”

What is the biggest high end fashion brand?

In the glamorous world of luxe fashion, Louis Vuitton takes the cake—or should we say, the artisan-crafted, gold-leaf-covered gateau? With their monogrammed everything and eye-watering prices, they’re like the heavyweight champion of high-end brands.

What is the most premium designer brand?

The premium designer brand podium? Chanel and Hermès are duking it out, but let’s not forget Prada, with their understated chic, and Dior’s elegance. It’s a runway rumble where heritage, craftsmanship, and exclusivity make the fashion world go round—or at least the cash registers!

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