5 Shocking Snake Eye Piercing Risks Revealed

Unraveling the Allure and Risks of Snake Eye Piercing

The Increasing Popularity of the Snake Eye Piercing Trend

You’ve probably seen it—the sleek, rebellious look of a snake eye piercing. It’s that horizontal barbell nestled right at the tip of the tongue, resembling the eyes of a slithering serpent. Oddly intriguing, right? But let’s pause that thought and ponder where all this buzz began. While the exact origins of the trend are a tad murky, it’s clear that the fascination with body modifications stretches back centuries across different cultures, albeit for various reasons.

Fast forward to today, and you’ve got every other social media influencer flaunting it as the latest “must-have” accessory. Surveys are pointing toward an uptick in popularity, especially among the younger crowd who are always on the hunt for the next edgy statement. It’s not just for the rebels and the rockers anymore—fashion-forward individuals of all stripes seem to be biting on this trend. And of course, when celebs like members of the Switched at birth cast showcase such style choices, it really spikes up the coolness quotient, making the piercing all the more desirable.

Five Alarming Health Hazards Linked to Snake Eye Piercings

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Risk #1: The Threat of Prolonged Swelling and Infection

Now, as catchy as it looks, snake eye piercings are no walk in the park. Why, you ask? Their unique placement at the tip of the tongue is a breeding ground for bacteria, leading to ghastly swelling and nasty infections more often than you’d hope. It turns out the fancy look could turn into a horror show pretty fast. Medical professionals yank out quite alarming stats: a significant portion of these so-called fashionable piercings spiral into complications.

Picture this: an eager young adult, drawn by the piercing’s seductive edge, ends up with a tongue swelled like a balloon, unable to munch on their favorite foods—or worse, speak properly—for weeks. The horror stories are enough to send chills down your spine, with some cases needing intervention stronger than the best air purifier could offer for microbial concerns!

Image 21000

Risk #2: Serious Impediments to Tongue Mobility

And talking about speech, that barbell can be a real stick in the mud for your tongue’s agility. The piercing isn’t just a fancy decoration; it can seriously hinder the freedom of those all-important tongue muscles. We’re talking about speech slurs and mastication mishaps. Picture trying to give a power-packed motivational speech, only to be tripping over words because your tongue’s got a straightjacket on—yikes!

Experts, including oral surgeons, have voiced concerns that in the long run, this trendy piercing could saddle you with life-long speech therapy sessions. It’s all high-fives and grins until someone ends up on a liquid diet, right? Just imagine the dramatic change in lifestyle that’d be—for someone once reveling in the joys of munching crisps, now to sip away at soups out of necessity. Not cool.

Risk #3: Dental Deterioration and Gum Trauma

Smile, and the world smiles with you—unless your gum line’s receding faster than the tide, and your otherwise pearly whites are now cracked or chipped thanks to your piercing. This is not the way to emulate Jeffrey pierces dazzling on-screen presence, trust me. Orthodontists have their desks piled with tales of woe from snake eye enthusiasts. No amount of Boobies at beach distraction can shift the focus from the damage a metal bar does as it clinks and clanks against your gnashers. You risk looking like a battle-worn pirate rather than a chic trendsetter.

A case study? Ever heard of a young dreamer, beaming with Ceruledge-level confidence, who faced dental showdowns serious enough to make you wince? That metal ball hammering away at their teeth ultimately sent them on an all-expense-paid trip to Root Canal City. That’s some pricey metal love!

Risk #4: Nerve Damage and Loss of Sensation

Imagine if your tongue went numb… permanently. Not a fun thought, right? But, folks, that’s the stark reality with snake eye piercings. Since the tongue consists of two separate muscles, this piercing fuses them in a union that’s far from holy. It can knock out nerves, leaving you with the sensation of a lifelong novocaine effect.

Professionals have inked plenty of research papers on the risks of zapping your tongue’s nerves. They’re not trying to rain on your parade; they’re just shining a light on the road to potentially irreversible damage. One tale that sends shivers down the spine is of a once-taster-of-fine-wines now fumbling through flavors blindfolded by a botched piercing.

Risk #5: Hindered Healing and Persistent Piercing Aftercare

If you thought snake eye piercings were a simple plunge-and-prance scenario, think again. They’re high-maintenance, akin to vintage cars or an exotic houseplant. The prolonged healing demands a regimen stricter than a drill sergeant’s rulebook. And let’s be real; not everyone has the patience of a saint or the dutifulness of a shakti mat user.

Piercers will lay it out for you: healing complications are more the rule than the exception with this piercing. These aren’t short coffin Nails issues; they’re time sinks. One account from a lad who thought he signed up for a mere fashion statement was instead tethered to a tedious cleaning schedule louder than a soprano saxophone trumpet call—now that’s commitment!

Aspect Details
Name of Piercing Snake Eyes Piercing
Description Horizontal piercing through the tip of the tongue, resembling snake eyes
Initial Judgment Deemed unsafe by most professional piercers
Piercing Shop Stance Most reputable shops refuse to perform this piercing
Health Risks High risk of rejection, gum recession, tooth chipping/cracking, nerve damage
Key Danger Fuses the two separate muscles of the tongue, restricting movement
Date of Concern Safety concerns highlighted on January 24, 2019
Safe Alternative Paired Vertical tongue piercings (condition: proper anatomy)
Alternative Safety Claim Deemed adorable and very safe; depends on individual’s anatomy
Alternative Mention October 1, 2021
Aftercare Caution Avoid spicy foods and alcohol post-piercing to prevent irritation
Aftercare Date Noted November 10, 2022
Food Particle Risk Newly pierced wounds can trap food, complicating healing

The Snake Eye Piercing Experience: Voices From the Pierced Community

Testimonials and Regrets

For every rave review, there’s a trail of cautionary tales. Real people, real regret. “It looked so cool,” they said, until it didn’t. We hear about individuals chasing an adrenaline spike, later admitting the cost wasn’t worth the short-lived high. Some outgrow the phase; others rue the day.

They share not just the initial thrill of joining a subculture but the cold hard truths of living with the aftermath. Yet, not all recoil in remorse; there lies a faction who see their piercings as battle scars—testaments to their resilience.

The Journey to Recovery or Removal

Flip the script, and you meet those who’ve bid a not-so-fond farewell to their piercings after a rocky romance. Their tales unfold like dramas, featuring infections, interventions, and, ultimately, removals. You can almost feel the tangible relief as they recount their choice to rid themselves of a literal thorn in their flesh.

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Evaluating the Trade-Off: Aesthetic Appeal vs. Health

Entrepreneurs, trendsetters, listen up. The allure of that badass snake eye piercing vibe is undeniable, but so are the health risks. Let’s be real; there’s an army of equally stylish, way less risky body mods out there beckoning.

Image 21001

Expert Opinions: What Professionals Advise Before Getting a Snake Eye Piercing

The Piercing Industry’s Perspective

Top guns in the piercing world? They’re giving snake eye piercings the thumbs down, advocating for thought-out choices that don’t blend the regret flavor into your style cocktail.

Critical Views from the Medical Community

The white coats speaking in unison echo a resounding no-go for the snake eye piercing. Health organizations raise red flags, while docs dish out advice tinged with concern over this high-risk roll of the dice.

Navigating a Safer Path for Fans of Oral Piercings

Indeed, safe piercing alternatives exist, worthy of your consideration—think paired vertical tongue piercings, a crowd-pleaser both in cuteness and safety. Tech advances promise reduced risks, but nothing beats a well-informed decision.

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Specifically designed with versatility in mind, the SCERRING PCS curved barbell set is ideal for a variety of piercings including eyebrow, tragus, helix, ear, belly, and lip. The G mm gauge size is a popular choice for many piercing enthusiasts, offering a substantial look without being overly bold. These barbells are meticulously polished to a mirror finish, adding a radiant luster to the jewelry that enhances its visual appeal. The simple yet elegant design of these pieces makes them a perfect accessory for both daily wear and special occasions.

Each package includes multiple pieces of the SCERRING curved barbells, ensuring that you have a replacement at hand or the freedom to change your style as desired. The threaded balls at either end of the barbel safeguard against accidental loss and allow for easy interchangeability of the balls for different looks. These barbells represent a blend of strength, beauty, and practicality, maintaining their shape and sheen even with regular use. Whether you are new to body piercings or a seasoned enthusiast, the SCERRING PCS Stainless Steel Curved Barbell set makes for an excellent addition to your jewelry collection, providing long-lasting charm and a hint of edginess to your personal style.

Conclusion: Weighing the Risks Against the Rebellion of Snake Eye Piercings

Image 21002

The take-home? That oh-so-tempting snake eye piercing packs a punch—but it’s risky business. By all means, champion individuality, but not at the cost of your well-being. Let this be not just a call to fashion but a summons to prudence.

Uncoiling the Surprises: Snake Eye Piercing

Alright, fellow body-mod enthusiasts, let’s slither into the realm of snake eye piercing. This isn’t your grandma’s earlobe piercing; we’re talking about a horizontal piercing right on the tip of the tongue, mimicking the beady gaze of a snake’s eyes. But hold your forked tongues, because we’ve got some trivia and facts that will have you hissing with intrigue — and a bit of caution!

I Spy with My Little Eye…a Risk?

Now, don’t let your jaw drop just yet, but it turns out that our oral cavity is a festival of bacteria, and when you get a snake eye piercing, you’re essentially sending out invites to a mouth party. This shindig could lead to some unwelcome guests like infections. Talk about party crashers!

A Tongue Full of Troubles

You may think that a snake eye piercing is all fun and games until someone bites off more than they can chew — literally. Because of the piercing’s placement, you could be signing up for some dental drama, from chipped teeth to gum damage. Chewing with caution just got a whole new meaning.

Speaking in Forked Tongues?

Ever fancied talking like Parseltongue? Well, with a spanking new snake eye piercing, you might find your speech slithering into unintended territories. Some folks report a bit of a lisp after getting the piercing. Quite the sssurprise, isn’t it?

Not the Best for Tongue Twisters

Fancy taking on tongue twisters with your new tongue jewelry? Better think twice! This piercing could slow down your silver tongue, making it more challenging to swiftly say those ‘she sells seashells’ types of sentences. But hey, that’s a small price to pay for looking this cool…or is it?

Oh Snap, Is That a Snagging Hazard?

Picture this: you’re enjoying a delicious meal when suddenly, your piercing decides to become BFFs with your lunch. That’s right, snagging is a real risk, and it can lead to some pretty ouch-worthy moments. You don’t want your piercing to take a bite of your food, now do you?

So there you go, some fun trivia and facts about the edgy, eye-catching snake eye piercing. Now you know what you might be getting into with this trendy tongue tweak. Just remember, folks, keep the risks in mind and always consult a seasoned piercing pro before you dive tongue-first into this body mod. And don’t forget, keep it squeaky clean!

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Ftovosyo PCS G Surgical Steel Snake Eyes Tongue Ring Curved Barbell Snake Bite Piercing Jewelry for Women Men Silver Tone Rose Gold Black Rainbow Glow in The Dark mm inch


Ftovosyo PCS G Surgical Steel Snake Eyes Tongue Ring Curved Barbell set is a cutting-edge collection of body jewelry for those seeking a distinctive and daring look. Each set includes pieces fashioned from high-quality surgical steel, ensuring durability and safety for those with sensitive skin. The variety in this pack comes in an array of appealing colors: classic silver tone, elegant rose gold, bold black, eye-catching rainbow, and a unique glow-in-the-dark option. With their standard size of mm and the convenient inch barbell length, these rings are designed to fit comfortably and securely in snake bite piercings or similar styles.

The shimmering metallic finishes coupled with the smooth glow of the phosphorescent piece offer a unique twist on traditional body jewelry, allowing wearers to express themselves in a variety of settings and lighting conditions. Suitable for both women and men, these curved barbells have a universal appeal that transcends gender, making them a versatile addition to any piercing enthusiast’s collection. The design of the curve is specifically tailored to lay flat against the tongue, preventing the jewelry from rotating, which enhances comfort and reduces the risk of irritation or injury.

Each piece within the Ftovosyo PCS G Surgical Steel Snake Eyes Tongue Ring set boasts precision threading and a smooth, polished surface that minimizes friction for effortless insertion and removal. The simple yet stylish aesthetic makes them suitable for both casual and formal occasions, ensuring you can showcase your piercing with confidence no matter the setting. Maintenance of these tongue rings is hassle-free, with the ability to sterilize the non-corrosive material without fear of damaging the quality or color. These pieces serve not only as bold fashion statements but also as a testament to quality craftsmanship and attention to comfort.

Is snake eyes piercing good or bad?

– Oh boy, snake eyes piercings? Not the best idea, trust me. Diving into the nitty-gritty—most pros give it a big thumbs down. As of May 30, 2023, the consensus is that they’re a risky biz, fraught with potential health mishaps like gum and teeth damage, not to mention the tongue’s hissy fit at being improperly fused. Straight-up, it’s that kind of piercing that’ll have you saying, “Thanks, but no thanks!”

Why are snake eye piercings illegal?

– Illegal might be a strong word, but let’s just say reputable shops are treating snake eye piercings like a hot potato. Since January 24, 2019, it’s been super clear they put a damper on your tongue’s dynamic duo of muscles. Yikes! Picture this: your tongue’s freedom of movement in a straightjacket, plus it could go numb. So, shops are basically saying, “Let’s not and say we didn’t,” to keep you from playing with fire.

What is the safest tongue piercing?

– If you’re on the prowl for a safe bet in the tongue piercing game, climb aboard the vertical piercing express! As cute as button and with a safety seal of approval since October 1, 2021—just gotta make darn sure your anatomy’s on point. So, hit up a pro piercer, and they’ll give it to you straight if you’re a fit or if you’ve gotta sidestep this adventure.

What not to do with snake eyes piercing?

– When it comes to snake eyes, there’s a whole no-no list. Top of the charts, as of November 10, 2022: keep that spicy tango and boozy bash away from your tongue! They’re like uninvited guests that can wreak havoc on your fresh piercing. And the major buzzkill? Food particles playing hide and seek in the wound. So steer clear, unless you’re gunning for trouble!

What is the most painful piercing?

– Talk about a pain in the… tongue? The prize probably goes to piercings like the industrial or dermal anchor, but among tongue piercings, it’s hard to measure. Each person swears it’s a different sting, so, honestly, you won’t know until you’re in the hot seat. But hey, beauty is pain, right?

Can I chew gum with snake eyes piercing?

– Gum with snake eyes? That’s a no-go zone, pal. That piercing is a wild ride for your mouth even without the extra drama. Chewing gum might feel like a walk in the park but can turn into a sticky situation real quick, risking damage to your new bling.

Does snake eyes piercing mess up your teeth?

– Does a bear…? Well, you know. But back to teeth – you betcha, snake eyes can send ’em down a rough road. The barbell can play bumper cars with your pearly whites, leading to cracks, chips, or even a reunion with your dentist. Not the kind of rendezvous you’d RSVP ‘yes’ to, huh?

Does snake eyes piercing give you a lisp?

– Lisp city, here we come? Possibly, with snake eyes. That piercing might have you sounding less like a silver-tongued charmer and more like you’re wrestling with syllables. But not everyone gets a ticket to that show—some folks chat away no prob.

What hurts more snake eyes or regular tongue piercing?

– Roll the dice on pain? Snake eyes and regular tongue piercings both come with their pinch of ouch. But the former might just snake its way to the top of the pain chart, given the whole double muscle trouble it stirs up.

Why do females get tongue piercings?

– Girls getting tongue piercings? It’s a mixed bag of whys, my friend. From making a fashion statement to spicing up their personal freedom, every gal’s got her reasons. But one thing’s for sure—it’s a choice that packs a punch of individuality.

What is a frog eye piercing?

– Frog eyes, you ask? Picture this: you’ve got yourself a twin act on each side of the tongue, sort of like snake eyes’ less troublesome cousin. It’s not hopping mad, but it’s definitely unique, so if you’re looking to leap into something new, this might just be your gig.

How long do you have a lisp with tongue piercing?

– Lisp woes post-piercing? Stick it out, you’re in for a short ride. Could be a few days, a week, maybe two—until your tongue gets wise to the new metal in town. It’s practicing the art of adaptation, so give it some breathing room, and soon you’ll be smooth-talking again.

Can you kiss with snake eyes piercing?

– Want to get your smooch on with snake eyes? You might want to park that PDA. At least until your piercing’s all healed up and not throwing a hissy fit. Kissing can be like opening Pandora’s box of potential oopsies, from infections to an unintentional tug-of-war. Patience, Romeo!

What are angel bite piercings?

– Angel bite piercings—here’s the scoop: It’s like your upper lip won the lottery with two sparkling studs, mimicking the looked-after beauty marks a la Marilyn Monroe times two. It’s flirty, it’s fun, but be warned, it requires a bit of pampering to keep both skin and piercings angelic.

What can’t you eat when you get your tongue pierced snake eyes?

– Armed with snake eyes and a growling stomach? Better do a menu overhaul. Kick those spicy dishes and alcoholic beverages to the curb, remember? Then add hard, chewy, or super hot cuisine to the blacklist. It’s soft food, cold treats, and plenty of hydration for the win while your tongue’s on the mend.

Is the snake tongue piercing safe?

– Wading through safety concerns of the snake eyes piercing? Tread water, my friend. With a piercing that plays tug-of-war with your tongue muscles and gives dentists a run for their money, “safe” might not be the word that leaps to mind. Caution’s the name of the game here.

How bad does a snake eye tongue piercing hurt?

– Brace yourself—snake eye peeks on the pain scale can raise some eyebrows. It’s not child’s play; with both tongue muscles getting cozy with the piercing, it’s sure to dish out its fair share of soreness. Prep for some huffing and puffing but remember, it varies from person to person.

Are tongue piercings safe?

– General tongue piercings, are we on safe ground? Can be, if you play by the rules! Good hygiene, choosy food picks, and a skilled piercer can get you vibing high and safe. But remember: every rose has its thorn, and every piercing its risks—weigh ’em before you commit!

Are snake bite piercings bad?

– Snake bite piercings, they’ve got some bite, alright. Staking a claim on your lower lip with double the impact, they can stage a mix of edgy coolness and “ouch” moments during healing. But bad? Not if you care for them like a pro. Keep it clean, and you’ll slay that look without a hitch!

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