Things Remembered: The Top Choice for Personalized Gifts?

Things Remembered: A Short Story of Personalized Gifting Industry Giant

Once upon a time, and not too long ago I might add, a simple idea bloomed in the minds of people over at Cole National Corp. They intrinsically understood, the beauty lies in the personal touch, the thoughtful gesture, the essence of an individual gift being tailored just for you. So was born, Things Remembered, a unique concept and a brand that will soon take over the personalized gifting industry.

A Historical Perspective on Things Remembered

Founded by the innovative minds at the Cole National Corp., Things Remembered started its journey as a humble “Can-Do Shop”, opening its doors in 1966 at a shopping mall in Louisville, Kentucky. Now, remember, we’re talkin’ ’bout the sixties here. Imagine the colorful world swiftly changing from black and white TV screens to color, while our little Can-Do Shop was busy etching people’s heartbeats into personalized gifts. Talk about being a trendsetter!

But it’s 2024 and the brand is now endorsed by none other than, Inc. Yup, you heard me. Things Remembered was snapped up by the corporate giant early in 2024 and has been cruising along nicely since then.

Evolution of Things Remembered in the Personalized Gifts Industry

It may have started as a simpIe engraving shop, but boy, how it’s adapted! Things Remembered has transformed like a beautiful butterfly from its humble cocoon, constantly innovating to stay on top of the market dynamics. Their product range has expanded over the years from engraved photo frames to personalized jewelry, Ugg snow Boots, and a whole lot more.

You might be thinking, “Okay, butloads of people offer personalized stuff these days.” True enough, but Things Remembered’s unique selling point is their genuine commitment to personalization, a factor that’s helped them secure a rock-solid spot in the industry. Trust me on this.

Comparing Elegance and Personalization: Things Remembered Vs El Tiempo Cantina

THINGS REMEMBERED Personalized Engraved Anastasia Clover Musical Keepsake Box (Free Customization)

THINGS REMEMBERED Personalized Engraved Anastasia Clover Musical Keepsake Box (Free Customization)


Presenting the THINGS REMEMBERED Personalized Engraved Anastasia Clover Musical Keepsake Box, a timeless piece designed with elegance and functionality in mind. Highly versatile, this box can store precious mementos or be employed as a unique decor piece to elevate any room’s aesthetics. Crafted with the utmost precision, it features intricate clover patterns adorning its surface accompanied by musical accompaniments for a sensory experience each time it’s opened.

One of the stand-out features of this keepsake box is the option for free customization, allowing recipients to personalize it with their preferred engraving. Whether you want to immortalize a cherished quote, include a loved one’s name, or jot down a special date, the possibilities are endless. The engraving process is executed with the sharpest attention to detail, guaranteeing that every letter is carved to perfection.

The THINGS REMEMBERED Personalized Engraved Anastasia Clover Musical Keepsake Box is no ordinary box—it is a symbol of timeless elegance and a beacon of personal sentiments. Its versatility, along with the personalized engraving option, sets it apart from typical keepsake boxes on the market. This box is not only a beautiful piece to own but can serve as a special gift to a loved one that is sure to be cherished for a lifetime.

Understanding El Tiempo Cantina’s Approach to Personalized Gifting

Now, “El Tiempo Cantina”, might ring a bell with foodies. This Tex-Mex haven also has a foot in the personalized gifting market. El Tiempo’s approach is a cunning blend of traditional crafting and modern techniques, with that touch of spicy Latino flair.

Image 6411

Things Remembered and El Tiempo Cantina: An Analysis of Strategies

It’s an interesting tease when we try to juxtapose these two; both are distinctively different, and their business models reflect this. Things Remembered takes pride in being a one-stop-shop for engraved and personalized gifts, with its online presence particularly strong. Meanwhile, El Tiempo Cantina operates within a gastronomic space while simultaneously dipping into the personalization market.

The ultimate success of these businesses lies in their unique understanding and catering to their target audiences. Things Remembered focuses primarily on a shopping experience intertwined with rich personalization features. On the flip side, El Tiempo Cantina offers a dining experience embellished with the option to avail personalized gifts.

Topic Information
Brand Name Things Remembered
Current Status Exclusively online
Acquisition Acquired by, Inc on January 10, 2024
Initial Establishment Started by Cole National Corp, with the first “Can-Do Shop” opening in 1966 at a shopping mall in Louisville, Kentucky
Shipping Days Monday through Friday. Orders are typically delivered 2 business days after the order is placed
Core Offering Leading retailer of personalized gifts
Features Wide variety of personalized gifts such as jewelry, photo frames, drinkware, home accents, and more. Custom engraving available.
Benefits Provides a unique, personal touch to gifts that can be treasured as keepsakes. Perfect for occasions such as weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries.
Note Order confirmation page might specify exceptions or special instructions concerning order delivery.

Mastery in Personalization: Why Things Remembered is a Top Choice

THINGS REMEMBERED ENGRAVED Flourish Musical Heart Keepsake Box for Mom (Free Customization)

THINGS REMEMBERED ENGRAVED Flourish Musical Heart Keepsake Box for Mom (Free Customization)


The THINGS REMEMBERED ENGRAVED Flourish Musical Heart Keepsake Box for Mom is a remarkable gift option that is specially crafted for a cherished mother. The elegant heart-shaped box freckled with an exquisite flourish pattern exudes opulence at every glance. There also exists an enchanting musical element that plays an endearing melody when the lid of the keepsake box is lifted, creating a profound emotional connection.

This keepsake box’s outer appearance is not the only showcase of its beauty. It also highlights a lustrous interior, perfect for securely storing valuable trinkets and keepsakes. An eye-catching, gleaming silver finish elevates the charm of the box and makes it an stand-out piece on any dresser or table. Moreover, the bottom of this box is lined with velvet to ensure that your precious items are well-protected.

One of the unique perks of this keepsake box is the free customization option. You can add a memorable date, a heartfelt message, or your mom’s name, making it a one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable piece that she will treasure. The custom engraving feature makes the THINGS REMEMBERED ENGRAVED Flourish Musical Heart Keepsake Box for Mom not just a decorative ornament, but a lifetime memento of warmth, love, and appreciation.

Unveiling the Charms of Personalization at Things Remembered

The secret sauce of Things Remembered is, well, it makes you feel remembered; it makes your loved ones feel remembered. Its attention to detail and commitment to personalization is truly unparalleled. Each product tells a unique story, from the thoughtful design to the heartfelt inscription, it’s more than a gift, it’s a memory you can hold onto.

What’s more? They’ve expedited their shipping process smartly. Place your order on Thursday and voilà! Expect it to reach you by Monday latest.

Image 6412

Decoding the Success of Things Remembered

The reason why they’re a top choice for personalized gifts isn’t really rocket science. It’s their ability to connect on a personal level with their customers, understand their gift needs, and deliver it with a perfectionist touch. Now that’s a combo hard to beat.

The Impact of Things Remembered on the Future of Personalized Gifting

THINGS REMEMBERED Engraved Praying Hands Musical Snow Globe (Free Customization)

THINGS REMEMBERED Engraved Praying Hands Musical Snow Globe (Free Customization)


The THINGS REMEMBERED Engraved Praying Hands Musical Snow Globe, with free customization, is a beautiful and memorable item that showcases meticulous craftsmanship and timeless elegance. With its interior showcasing an intricately designed pair of praying hands, this stunning glass snow globe adds a serene aesthetic to any space. The premium-quality, sturdy base of the snow globe also plays calming melodies, providing a soothing ambience to the surroundings. The shiny silver accent base complements the globe perfectly, while also serving as an ideal surface for the customization of your preferred text or message.

Our THINGS REMEMBERED snow globe offers free personalization, taking this product from beautiful to truly unique. You can choose to engrave a heartfelt message, name, or significant date on the base as per your preference. Gift recipients will not only be fascinated by the swirling, glimmering ‘snow’ and peaceful praying hands but also touched by the unique personalized message or inclusion that adds a sentimental touch. This deeply personal attribute makes it an ideal present for important life events, religious milestones, or just as a token of love and care.

Beyond being an enchanting decorative piece, this Praying Hands Musical Snow Globe also marks as a symbol of faith, serenity, and gratitude. As the music fills the air, it can evoke both a sense of calm and nostalgia, offering a moment of reflection and peace in your daily life. Moreover, the classic praying hands motif inside the globe serves as a daily reminder of faith and hope. This THINGS REMEMBERED Engraved Praying Hands Musical Snow Globe is not just a product; it’s a keepsake that blends artistry, music, and personalization to create a piece filled with meaning and warmth.

Reinventing the Future of Gift-Giving with Things Remembered

Thinking about what lies ahead in the personalized gifting industry, it’s clear that Things Remembered has a major role to play. With its commitment towards innovation, adaptation and customer-centricity, it is set to influence future market dynamics significantly.

Unseen Ripples: Things Remembered’s Market Influence Beyond Meets the Eye

The charm of Things Remembered has also indirectly impacted other market sectors. A ripple effect, if you will. The boom in personalized gifts has compelled other businesses, even software creators devising mac Apps, to think out-of-the-box and offer a more personalized user experience.

Image 6413

Rethinking Personalized Gifting: The Final Piece

Echoes from the Future: Predictions and Potential Development Path for Things Remembered

In the future, Things Remembered may utilize advancements in technologies like AI and AR to take personalized gift-giving to the next level. Imagine a world where you can see how your personalized Manga owl looks even before you’ve made it. Isn’t that something?

Reflecting Back: Wrapping up our In-Depth Exploration into Things Remembered

As we wrap up, it’s clear how Things Remembered’s determination and innovative approach in the personalized gifting industry has created something truly memorable. Their journey, marked with growth, adaptability, and incessant creativity, has decisively shaped this industry.

Things Remembered A Novel

Things Remembered A Novel


“Things Remembered” is a captivating novel that pulls the reader into a world of recollections and discoveries. Each turning page of this book offers vivid narratives and intriguing deals with human memory that will stir one’s thoughts and emotions. The book engages the heart and the mind as it delves into how the past shapes the present, and how remembering is a complex yet significant part of the human experience.

In the novel, each character’s journey back into their own whimsical worlds of remembrance serve as stepping stones in the storyline. Elements of unforgettable love, friendship, successes, and failures are gracefully intertwined in a way that reflects the reality of life’s ups and downs. “Things Remembered” reaches out to those who believe in the power of remembrances and guides them through the lives of the characters, their decisions, triumphs, and lessons learned.

Simply put, “Things Remembered” is more than just a gripping tale of lives lived. It’s a testament to memories shaping who we are, a timeless exploration of love and loss, and an inspiring window into how we can learn to move forward while cherishing the past. It is a book that will make readers think, feel, and remember- a book truly to be remembered.

Rethinking Gifting Personalization: Final Keepsakes

Reflections on Things Remembered and the State of Personalized Gifting

We all love a good story, yeah? And dark Jokes aside, Things Remembered, despite facing the thick and thins of the ever-changing business environment, has succeeded in etching its unique story in the world of personalized gifting. Whether it’s rising above competition or shaping the industry’s future, they’ve claimed their rightful spot. Their legacy serves as a healthy reminder for entrepreneurs; how a little heart, a lot of resilence and a dash of creativity can create magic.

So, here’s to Things Remembered – a brand that not only remembers but makes sure nobody forgets their mastery in personalization.

Did Things Remembered go out of business?

Oh boy, there are rumors flying about Things Remembered, aren’t there? In 2019, there were whispers about bankruptcy, but listen up folks, Things Remembered isn’t kaput. The business did go through some financial turmoil but it’s now operating as an online store.

Is Things Remembered only online?

So, is Things Remembered just online now? Well, in a nutshell, yes. More than 200 retail locations have put up their shutters but the online store is up and running strong.

Does Things Remembered deliver?

But wait, here’s the big question—does Things Remembered deliver? You betcha, they sure do! Even better, they offer international delivery, making it easy for you to send that special, personalized gift anywhere you wish.

Who started Things Remembered?

The story of Things Remembered goes back to 1967 when it was founded by Thaddeus Watson. Talk about a visionary, eh?

Did 1800 flowers buy Things Remembered?

Now, there are rumors that 1-800 Flowers bought Things Remembered. Turns out, it’s true! When Things Remembered was going through that financial crunch, 1-800 Flowers were right there to swoop in and save the day.

Who owns Things Remembered?

So now you’re wondering – who owns Things Remembered, right? Well, the cat’s out of the bag—it is indeed owned by 1-800 Flowers.

Can you return engraved items to things remembered?

Wait, what about returns? As far as engraved items go, Things Remembered has a no-return policy on personalized items. So think twice before you get that teacup engraved, OK?

Is engraving free at things remembered?

Jeez, and is engraving free at Things Remembered? Nope, personalized engraving comes with a cost but hey, it’s totally worth it for that special touch.

How long does it take to engrave something?

How long does an engraving take, you wonder? Well, it’s no cap, most products are engraved within 4-6 days. But like anything in life, it could take longer depending on the item.

What is delivered from store?

Looking at the phrase ‘delivered from store’ and scratching your head? Well, it simply means that the product you ordered is being shipped directly from the retailer’s store to your front door!

What does delivered from store mean?

And for Personalization Mall shipping times, expect to be twiddling your thumbs for 1-2 business days before it ships, and then another couple of days for delivery. Good things do take time, after all!

How long does Personalization Mall take to ship?

How old is Things Remembered, you ask? Well, it’s been fifty-something years since Thaddeus Watson created this wonderful gift chain back in 1967, mate.

How old is things remembered?

Chomping at the bit to know what Things Remembered can engrave? From picture frames to jewelry, glassware to accessories, they can pretty much engrave anything that means something to you.

What can things remembered engrave?

And hey, their mission statement? They truly believe in “perfecting the moment.” They are dedicated to helping you show love, mark significant moments and celebrate life.

What is the mission statement of things remembered?

Stumped about the electronic store that went belly-up? That would be Circuit City, my friend. They couldn’t keep the current flowing and went out of business.

What was the name of the electronic store that went out of business?

Not to be confused with any other, but yes, the electronic store chain that went bust was Circuit City. They unplugged their last cord in 2009.

What electronic store chain went out of business?

Now, about the age of Things Remembered. Let’s not ask a lady her age twice, remember? I already told you, it’s been around since the late 60s!

How old is things remembered?

And the mission of Things Remembered, again? Their mantra is “perfecting the moment.” Truly, they are all about helping you express your feelings and celebrate life.

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