Winter Bee Hive Wraps Lappes Bee Supply Review

As an entrepreneur, you’re already familiar with the meticulous planning and attention to detail required to ensure success. No less true is this for the dedicated beekeepers among us, who must prepare their colonies for the hardships of winter. One noteworthy contender in giving bees the comfort they need is Lappes Bee Supply and their winter bee hive wraps. This review dives deep into what makes their product not just a necessity, but a game-changer in the realm of apiculture.

The Buzz Around Beeswax for Sale: Lappes Bee Supply Variety

Nestled in the heart of beekeeping country, Lappes Bee Supply has been the go-to haven for beekeepers, offering an array of supplies essential for hive management, including their coveted beeswax for sale Lappes Bee Supply line. Here’s the deal: their beeswax isn’t just any old wax; it’s a critical component for constructing dependable winter bee hive wraps Lappes Bee Supply that have garnered rave reviews.

So, what’s the skinny on these beeswax creations?

– First off, they’re crafted from the purest beeswax, giving unparalleled insulation and moisture resistance.

– Customers can’t stop singing praises about the durability and ease of use that these wraps offer – talk about getting your money’s worth!

– Whether it’s from hobbyists or commercial pollinators, the consensus is clear: Lappes Bee Supply’s beeswax ticks all the boxes when it’s time to bundle up the hives for winter.

Cutler Supply Bee Cozy Winter Bee Hive Wrap Frame Story Deep ()

Cutler Supply Bee Cozy Winter Bee Hive Wrap   Frame  Story Deep ()


The Cutler Supply Bee Cozy Winter Bee Hive Wrap is an indispensable accessory for apiarists aiming to ensure the wellbeing of their bee colonies through the chilly winter months. This high-quality insulation wrap is designed specifically for the depth of a story (single-level) hive, providing a snug fit that helps retain heat and protect the hive from cold winds and frost. The weather-resistant material is both durable and breathable, preventing moisture build-up that can lead to mold growth and potential health issues for the hive’s inhabitants.

Precision is key in beekeeping, and the Bee Cozy Winter Bee Hive Wrap offers a custom-fit design for story deep frames, enabling easy installation and removal without disrupting the bees hard-earned winter preparations. It features an easy-to-use Velcro closure system that securely holds the wrap in place, even in harsh winter conditions. This feature ensures that once the wrap is applied, it stays on without the need for constant adjustment, allowing bees to go about their winter activities with minimal disturbance.

Not only does the Bee Cozy Wrap help reduce the stress on bees during winter, but it also assists in maintaining a stable internal temperature, which is critical for the survival of the hive. The layer of insulation mimics the insulating properties of the bees natural propolis envelope, aiding in the conservation of food stores by decreasing the amount of honey bees need to consume to generate heat. With the Bee Cozy Wrap, beekeepers can feel confident that their bees are well-equipped to face the winter, leading to stronger colonies when spring arrives.

How Winter Bee Hive Wraps Lappes Bee Supply Stand Out

Now, let’s cut to the chase and talk brass tacks about why these winter bee hive wraps are causing such a stir. Lappes doesn’t just produce these wraps; they pour their passion for beekeeping into each one. They’re not resting on their laurels either; they’re always abuzz, refining their product.

What sets Lappes’ wraps apart?

– These wraps are more than just tough; they’re engineered to ensure a snug fit, optimizing thermal regulation.

– Lappes Bee Supply stands head and shoulders above the rest, with wraps that are a cinch to apply while outperforming others with less-fuss maintenance.

– Their wraps shine in data-driven research, showing marked improvements in bee colony vitality. Such dedication is like a breath of fresh air in an industry where cutting corners can be all too common.

Image 13321

Aspect Details
Product Name Winter Bee Hive Wraps by Lappe’s Bee Supply
Primary Function Provides insulation to bee hives during winter months, reducing stress on bees and improving survival rates in colder climates.
Composition – Reflectix insulation material
– Foamboard for top insulation with overhang
– Additional 6″ strip of Reflectix acting as a skirt on top cover
Key Benefits – Prevents snow and rain infiltration
– Insulates hive, maintaining warmer internal temperatures
– Reduces stress on bees, contributing to healthier bee colony
– Enhances wintering results and survival rates, particularly in colder areas (USDA Zone-5 or lower)
Installation Installed on exterior of hives, reflectix stapled to sides, foamboard placed on top
Hive Food Guidance – Ensure hives have ample food for wintering
– Use fondant, sugar cakes, or granulated sugar in temperatures below 50°F (10°C)
– Avoid syrup in cold temperatures
– Supplement with sugar syrup made from white table sugar if lacking honey stores
Price (as per last update) Price varies based on hive size and supplier; specific prices not provided here
Additional Advice – Insulation is particularly recommended for hives in cold climates
– Always monitor mite levels as they can also affect hive health during winter
– Considerations often depend on the specific climate and health of the bee colony

Insulating Your Colony: Why Choose Winter Bee Hive Wraps?

Let’s keep it real: insulating your hives isn’t just a good idea; it’s essential, especially if your winter reads like a page from Jack London’s “To Build a Fire”. Without a winter bee hive wrap, your bees might as well be left out in the cold – literally. Here’s what you need to know:

– Keeping the chill out means your bees burn less food to stay warm, optimizing their health and productivity.

– It’s not just about survival; it’s about providing a stable environment for your bees to thrive, even when the weather outside is frightful.

– And let’s not forget our dear Mother Earth. Choosing eco-friendly wraps means looking out for the planet while caring for your bees.

Crafting Quality: The Making of Lappes Bee Supply’s Winter Wraps

Ever wonder how Lappes creates their much-talked-about wraps? Well, here’s your backstage pass to their process:

– Only the best local, sustainably sourced materials go into these wraps, ensuring both quality and environmental responsibility.

– They’re not afraid to shake things up with innovative techniques that not only boost quality but also enhance sustainability.

– It’s clear cut: Lappes doesn’t just make a product—they’re stewards of the earth and advocates for the bees at every step.

Abbylike Pack Frame Winter Bee Hive Protection Cover Warm Oxford Beehive Wraps Windproof Bee Hive Insulation Wrap Beekeeper Beekeeping Equipment Tool Supplies, x Inch

Abbylike Pack Frame Winter Bee Hive Protection Cover Warm Oxford Beehive Wraps Windproof Bee Hive Insulation Wrap Beekeeper Beekeeping Equipment Tool Supplies, x Inch


The Abbylike Pack Frame Winter Bee Hive Protection Cover is an essential beekeeping accessory designed to safeguard your hives from the harsh realities of cold weather. Crafted from durable Oxford fabric, this wrap boasts superior windproof qualities and excellent insulation properties, ensuring your bees remain warm and protected throughout the winter months. The cover’s size is meticulously tailored to snugly fit standard bee hives, providing a barrier against the chilling winds and frost that can be detrimental to hive health. Its ease of installation means beekeepers can quickly and securely equip their hives with this essential tool, with a design that ensures it stays firmly in place even in inclement weather conditions.

Featuring a thoughtful design, this bee hive insulation wrap not only retains heat but also allows for sufficient air circulation, preventing moisture buildup that could lead to mold growth. The outer Oxford layer is complemented by a thick insulative lining that adapts to fluctuating temperatures, keeping the internal hive environment stable. Its resilience to the elements makes it a long-lasting investment that can be reused across multiple seasons, assisting beekeepers in maintaining productive colonies. Additionally, the cover is easy to clean and maintain, ensuring it remains in prime condition for use year after year.

A must-have for any dedicated beekeeper, the Abbylike Pack Frame Winter Bee Hive Protection Cover is more than just a seasonal accessory; it’s a means of ensuring the survival and productivity of your bee colonies. By holding in warmth and fending off cold winds, the cover significantly reduces winter die-offs and provides bees with a fighting chance against the cold. With a practical yet discreet x-inch size, it blends seamlessly with the natural environment, ensuring the aesthetics of your bee yard are maintained. Ultimately, this beehive wrap is an indispensable tool that promises peace of mind for beekeepers, knowing that their bees are wrapped in a cocoon of warmth and protection.

The A-Z of Installation: Applying Your Winter Bee Hive Wraps from Lappes

Alright, so you’ve got your wraps. What now? Don’t worry; Lappes has you covered with straightforward installation instructions to keep your buzzers as snug as a bug:

– They’ve nailed down (pun intended) a step-by-step guide that’s foolproof, ensuring you can wrap your hives faster than you can say ‘pollination’.

– You might run into a hitch or two, but with Lappes’ sage advice, common challenges are a breeze to overcome.

– From first-time wranglers to seasoned keepers, tales of triumphant wrap applications abound, marking another notch in Lappes’ belt of satisfied customers.

Image 13322

Surviving the Frost: Real-World Performance of Lappes Bee Supply’s Wraps

Talk is cheap; let’s look at the cold, hard facts. How do Lappes’ wraps hold up in the real world? They’re not just surviving; they’re thriving.

– User feedback? Stellar. Case studies? Convincing. These wraps are passing winter trials with flying colors.

– Bees are buzzing happily, showing robust health thanks to the protection these wraps afford – now that’s what success looks like.

– Observing bee behavior during the cold snaps has shown that Lappes’ wraps don’t just meet expectations; they exceed them.

Frame Winter Bee Hive Wrap Layer D Oxford Beehive Winter Protection Cover Cozy Windproof Warm Bee Hive Insulation Wrap for Most Bee Hive (Black, x )

Frame Winter Bee Hive Wrap  Layer D Oxford Beehive Winter Protection Cover  Cozy Windproof Warm Bee Hive Insulation Wrap for Most Bee Hive (Black, x )


The Frame Winter Bee Hive Wrap is an essential beekeeping accessory designed to provide your bees with the protection they need during the harsh winter months. Made from a durable 4D Oxford cloth material, this wrap is crafted to withstand the cruel elements, ensuring that your beloved bees are shielded from biting winds, frost, and snow. The black color of the wrap is not only aesthetically pleasing but also retains heat, helping to maintain a warmer internal hive temperature when sunlight is scarce. Sized to fit the most common bee hive models, this wrap is a versatile solution for beekeepers looking to increase their hives’ chances of surviving the winter.

This winter protection cover features a user-friendly design that makes installation and removal a breeze. It is equipped with strategic openings which align with your hive’s entrances and exits, ensuring that your bees’ coming and going are not obstructed. The secure fasteners provide a snug fit around the hive, minimizing the risk of the wrap being torn off by strong winds. The thoughtful inclusion of these features demonstrates the manufacturer’s commitment to creating a product that doesn’t just insulate but also respects the natural behavior of the bee colony.

The Cozy Windproof Warm Bee Hive Insulation Wrap not only ensures the warmth of your bee colony but also contributes to the overall health and productivity of your bees. By keeping the internal temperature of the hive stable, the insulation wrap reduces the risk of condensation which can lead to mold and other harmful conditions for bees. With this protective wrap, beekeepers can expect a stronger colony come spring, with higher survival rates through the winter season. It is an indispensable tool in the beekeeper’s arsenal, combining practicality with peace of mind, as it stands guard over the hive during the most vulnerable months.

Buzzing Through the Budget: Pricing and Value for Beekeepers

Now, let’s talk turkey about the cost-effectiveness of these winter wraps. Here’s the lowdown:

– Lappes offers competitive pricing without skimping on quality. You’re getting the full bang for your buck.

– When you play the long game, the durability and effectiveness of these wraps spell out substantial savings.

– It’s not just about shelling out cash; it’s investing in your bees’ future and, by extension, your own success.

Image 13323

Echoes from the Hive: Customer Service and Support Experience

Need help? Lappes Bee Supply doesn’t just leave you to wing it. They’ve got a support team that’s the cat’s pajamas.

– Whether it’s a query or a conundrum, their customer service is as dependable as their products.

– Unsurprisingly, testimonials teem with gratitude for the stellar support and guidance provided.

– The verdict? Lappes’ customer care hits the sweet spot, striking a harmonious chord with customer contentment.

The Sustainable Swarm: Lappes Bee Supply’s Commitment to Ecology

Sure, keeping your bees cozy is crucial, but let’s not forget about treading lightly on our planet. Lappes leads by example with their green thumbs.

– They’re not just providing wraps; they’re championing an eco-conscious movement within beekeeping.

– From materials to methods, every step they take considers the big picture of our environmental well-being.

– Collaborations and initiatives? They’re all in. Lappes is at the frontline, forging paths to a greener tomorrow.

The Final Verdict: Wrapping It Up with Lappes

After laying out all the cards, it’s clear as day why Lappes Bee Supply should be the go-to for your beekeeping needs. Whether you’re an old hand at the bee biz or just starting out, these winter wraps are more than a product; they’re a testament to thoughtful innovation and commitment to quality beekeeping.

The takeaway here? Beekeeping isn’t a walk in the park, but with Lappes, it’s one hurdle down, and your buzzers are winter-ready. Embrace the future of sustainable apiculture with open arms – Lappes Bee Supply is already there, welcoming you.

Keep Your Bees Toasty with Winter Bee Hive Wraps Lappes Bee Supply

As the mercury plunges, our little buzzing buddies need extra TLC, and that’s where winter bee hive wraps lappes bee supply buzz in! Let’s take a dive into some bee-rilliant trivia and facts that’ll keep you warm with knowledge!

A Hive of Activity Even in the Chill

Did you know, just like us donning our jordan 1 green kicks for some added swag and warmth, bees have their unique method of staying warm? In the heart of winter, bees huddle together and create what’s known as a winter cluster. The temperature in the core of this bee ball can stay toasty at around 93°F! Now that’s what I call a buzzing blanket!

Wrap It Up – They’re Not Just Bee-ing Fashionable

That’s right, folks. When it comes to winter bee hive wraps lappes bee supply, think of it as the bees’ version of cozying up next to a green noise sleep machine. These wraps aren’t just fashionable; they’re functional. They protect the hive from the cold winds, kinda like you snuggling under your comforter while dreaming you’re in the latest episode of love Is blind season 5 Ep 5.

A Buzzing Brainwork

While we’re on the topic, ever wondered Is The brain a muscle? in the way it might be able to bulk up over time? Spoiler: it’s not, but bees’ brains are fascinating! Even in cold weather, these tiny Einsteins perform a waggle dance, which is basically their way of communicating important info such as directions to the nearest nectar source. It’s like they have their own version of GPS built right into their brains. Now, that’s something to buzz about!

A Frosty Fact

Okay, I know we’re chilling with winter facts, but did you hear the one about why the queen bee never got married? She realized she didn’t need a husband since she was already “queen” bee. If that got you buzzing with laughter, you should check out some more funny Jokes For Adults.

Wrapped in History

Bees and humans have had a sweet relationship for centuries. Ancient Egyptians were known to keep bees, and they were wrapped in importance—much like our hives are wrapped in the winter! Think of each wrap from lappes bee supply as pharaoh-approved; it’s an ancient concept with a modern twist!

Bees Learn “When in Spanish”

Just kidding! While bees might not understand “when in spanish,” they certainly know the importance of time, such as when it’s time to hunker down for winter. They’ve got an internal clock that says, “Amigos, let’s wrap it up!”

From Reel to Real – The Honey Connection

And, let me tell you, if you ever wanted to be as cool as kelly Mcgillis in ‘Top Gun, start by suiting up your hives with some dapper winter wraps. It’s the real deal. Speaking of the real deal, while watching your hives over the cold months, watch M4ufree flicks to pass the time—it’s the warmest way to endure the coldest nights!

So, as the winter looms, don’t leave your bees out in the cold. Wrap ’em up with winter bee hive wraps from Lappes Bee Supply, and let them buzz in delight all season long! From frosty facts to snug solutions, now you’re just as wrapped up in the world of bees as we are. Keep warm, bee friends! 🐝🍯

CHANGE MOORE Bee Hive Wrap, Frame Winter Protection Cover Layer D Oxford Waterproof Bee Cozy hive wrap Cozy Windproof Bee Box Cover Insulation Wrap for Bee Hive (Black, x ,Pc)

CHANGE MOORE Bee Hive Wrap, Frame Winter Protection Cover  Layer D Oxford Waterproof Bee Cozy hive wrap   Cozy Windproof Bee Box Cover Insulation Wrap for Bee Hive (Black, x ,Pc)


The CHANGE MOORE Bee Hive Wrap provides an indispensable solution to beekeepers looking to safeguard their hives from harsh winter conditions. Crafted from high-quality 600D Oxford waterproof material, this durable bee hive cover offers robust protection against rain, snow, and biting winds, ensuring that your buzzing inhabitants remain safe and warm during the cold months. The black fabric is selected for its excellent heat absorption properties, which helps maintain an optimal temperature within the hive. This winter protection cover is not only functional, but also helps to preserve the health of the bee colony by reducing the stress caused by extreme weather.

Designed with practicality in mind, the CHANGE MOORE Bee Hive Wrap easily fits around standard beehives thanks to its user-friendly design, which includes secure fastenings to prevent it from coming loose even in strong winds. The cover’s precise dimensions allow for a snug fit, ensuring maximum insulation without compromising ease of access for routine inspections and management of the hive. Moreover, the one-piece construction of the cover simplifies the installation process, making it a breeze to set up and remove without needing additional tools or complicated assembly.

In addition to its insulating benefits, the bee cozy wrap’s resistance to water and wind is further enhanced by its durable construction, promising longevity and repeated use season after season. Each pack contains one piece of the bee box cover insulation wrap, making it easy for beekeepers to equip each hive with individual protection against the elements. Beekeepers can rely on the CHANGE MOORE Bee Hive Wrap to provide a cocoon of safety for their precious hives, ensuring that come spring, the bees emerge healthy and ready to start the new season’s activities.

What do you wrap bee hives for winter?

Alrighty, let’s dive into the buzz of winter beekeeping!

What is the number 1 thing you need to do to ensure your bees survive winter?

– Wondering what to wrap beehives with for winter? Well, you’ve got options! Many beekeepers swear by using insulation like foam or specially designed bee wraps that keep the chill out. Just think of it as tucking your bees in with a cozy blanket, ensuring they stay snug as a bug in a rug.

What is the best winter feed for bees?

– Listen up, folks! The number one thing to do to ensure your bees don’t bite the dust this winter is to manage varroa mites before the cold hits. Without a doubt, those pesky mites are a beekeeper’s arch-nemesis, and keeping their numbers down is your best bet for a thriving hive come spring.

Should I insulate my bee hives for winter?

– When it comes to the best winter feed for bees, it’s a no-brainer: fondant or sugar syrup can be a real lifesaver. These sweet treats give your bees the energy boost they need without making them work too hard to process it, talk about a winter win!

How do you keep a beehive dry in the winter?

– “Should I insulate my bee hives for winter?” – You bet your bottom dollar! Insulation can make or break your bees’ cozy home by protecting them from the bitter cold and keeping the inside temperature just right.

How do you store hives in the winter?

– To keep a beehive dry in winter, ensure proper ventilation and maybe throw in some moisture-absorbing materials, like wood shavings or moisture boards. Dampness is a real party pooper for bees, so keeping things dry is key.

Can bees survive winter in one brood box?

– Storing hives in the winter is like putting your precious belongings in storage; you want to keep them safe and sound. Stack’em in a dry place, sheltered from harsh conditions, and you’ll be giving your hives a winter vacation.

How many supers should I leave on for winter?

– Can bees survive winter in one brood box? Sure thing, if the colony is strong and has plenty of food, it’s like living in a one-bedroom apartment; cozy, but it can totally work.

How many brood boxes do you need for winter?

– How many supers to leave on for winter? Leave behind a full one – it’s like leaving a full pantry for your bees so they won’t run out of munchies when the snow flies.

How do you keep bees from dying in the winter?

– For winter, you need at least one brood box, just ensure it’s brimming with honey and bees. Think of it as their winter stronghold – the fortress that keeps them safe and sound through the chilly months.

What killed my bees over winter?

– Keep your bees from meeting the grim reaper in winter by ensuring they have plenty of food, a varroa mite-free environment, and solid insulation – it’s like giving them the ultimate winter survival kit.

Can you feed bees pollen patties in winter?

– If your bees kicked the bucket over winter, it might’ve been those dreaded varroa mites, starvation, or freezing temps. It’s a real head-scratcher, but these culprits are often to blame.

What percentage of bee hives survive winter?

– Feeding bees pollen patties in winter? Sure, some folks do it, provided the bees have enough warmth to munch on them. Think of it as offering them a mid-winter snack to keep their spirits up.

What is the temperature inside a beehive in winter?

– As for the percentage of bee hives that survive winter, it varies. But to throw a number out there, around 75-85% is a good season, while anything below that, and you’re licking your wounds.

What is the best insulation for a beehive?

– Inside a beehive in winter, the temperature stays around a toasty 35°C (95°F) in the cluster. It’s like the bees’ own central heating – keeping the queen and themselves all warm and fuzzy.

How do you make a beehive wrap?

– The best insulation for a beehive? Hands down, rigid foam boards or wraps designed for bees. They’re the top-notch jacket that keeps the cold out and the warm in.

Can you insulate a bee hive?

– Making a beehive wrap is DIY heaven! Get your hands on some insulation material, wrap it snugly around the hive, and secure it like you’re wrapping the world’s best present – which, let’s face it, to your bees, it really is.

What temperature do you wrap bees?

– Can you insulate a bee hive? Absolutely, and in the winter, it can be as vital as your morning cup of joe!

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